(edit:WAS) A grumpy Tuesday lament

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If I had got around to posting this on Monday, I would be upbeat and a little smug. I went for a swim during the day, short (about 1km), and slow (too embarrassed to say with everyone else lamenting their 20 minutes kilometres). But I was doing everything right for my ankle, felt good and optimistic for the week ahead.

Spoke to Aki last night and arranged to go to the Lake Ginninderra Stakes on her rare week off Uni. Had a good afternoon nap which probably wiped away any of the residual tiredness from the weekend's hanging around (which is always more tiring than exercising).

However, as I tap this I have another shocking pain in the head, that is limiting me greatly. I haven't had a headache like this for a while, and it is in conjunction with another mega-sweat which mustn't be a coincidence. Slept pretty well in the early part of the evening, although woke with a headache which continued to develop. Is it just the act of sleeping of wet pillows (my neck is very stiff and sore), aggravating the sinus' during the swim yesterday (face hurts now), or something to do with the night sweats? I'm recording this here, because by the time I get to the doctor next week for the results of the test last week I'll have forgotten it all!

Spent a bit of time this morning tapping in to look at the best on-line prices for Nokia 5140 phones. Bob was offered money for his 5210 by the shop in Vietnam, and upgrades are good. I know that an upgraded model, the 5140i is to be released shortly and hoped that it may be a good time to buy. Of course that the 5140 would sync with my Polar 625x has absolutely nothing to do with it! :)
Edit: Later. All happy now.
The headache persisted, although improved considerably after about 6k of running! Aki's diagnosis of dehydration is certainly an issue, even if I did drink 5 litres yesterday, not much was retained. I was somewhat apprehensive about the ankle, although strapped it in a compression bandage, applied Voltaren Gel and popped a couple of anti-inflammatories.
Started the handicap off 18 minutes with another young bloke who whipped away from me at the start. I wasn't concerned and hoped to do close to 4:45 pace, setting my watch to beep at these intervals. I was pleasantly surprised to pass the 1, 2 and 3km marks right on target feeling good and running within myself. I must have picked up the pace a bit towards the end which I usually find hard to do on this course, finishing in around 32:36 at an average of 4:39m/km. Aki managed to stay well in front of me for a course PB and picked up a bottle of Verdelho for her troubles. Afterwards she took me to investigate the famous Aki's (a.k.a. Percival's) Hill, site of the multiple hill repeats. A nice view over the district, and good training venue. I suspect that it would be very exposed and hot in summer, but good in this weather.
Back to feeling smug and vindicated. Ankle is good, head is better if not best, and I managed to get quite a few errands run. Plan to introduce Aki to running on the south side of town tomorrow while she is on an all-too-short Uni break.

7 Responses to “(edit:WAS) A grumpy Tuesday lament”

  1. Blogger CJ 

    FD I really admire your attitide to life and always managing to put a positive spin on things. Sounds like a good run, take care of your ankle. Have decided (and entered) the Bush Capital 25km run!

  2. Blogger miners 

    Hey - great to hear the ankle is looking a little better - hope you feel well enough to reveal more about your swimming next time ;)

  3. Blogger Wobbly man 

    I enjoyed reading your post- and am glad your headache past. Now take good care of that ankle okay!

  4. Blogger Aki 

    Erph! The headache sounds nasty. Don't ever feel bad if you have to bail out of a run, that being said you did run well today.

    As soon as the night sweats wake you the sensible thing would be to have fluid to replace what is lost. Easier said than done, especially in the colder weather.

    Looking forward to hot hills!

  5. Blogger pepster 

    Hope you get to the cause of your ills. It's a good feeling when you are pacing yourself just right on a run and know you are running within yourself.

  6. Blogger RunDave 

    I can't believe you can run on that ankle already! Your healing powers must be very strong.

    The Star of Greece is named after a ship that was wrecked just off the coast at Port Willunga. The restaurant is what you might call 'modern Australian' ie lots of different styles using seasonal ingredients.

  7. Blogger Gronk 

    Good to see that the ankle is behaving FD !

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