To Albury we shall go . . .


Hi Ho, the Dairy-O, to Albury we shall go.

If in this case the 'we' is royal, and it is now in the past tense.

I am sitting on a bed in an Albury motel room, feeling as though I need to thaw out, although I suspect my chills are the result of low blood sugar, not the ambient temperature. I had a great drive down here, listening to a good range of music, singing along when I felt like it, and feeling like the king of the road.

Put my cycling gear on and the bike together when I arrived and cruised around this nice little autumnal town ~ loads of people out having picnics and playing footy in the park around the river. Met up with some Canberra running types, mostly by accident, and made arrangements with Rad for the morning. Rode over the final part of the run for tomorrow on my Mountain Bike with Slicks, quite happy with my off road skills and will get on the dirt more when I get back to Canberra. Now back in my motel room, trying to warm up, and prepare for checking out before the race tomorrow. It may be a race for some, it will be a nice friendly experience ~ a good chance to get away and see some familiar and not so familiar faces.

Bob is planning to cycle down the coast next weekend and visit some relatives, whereas I am keen to stay put for a while and establish some routine with Geoff's group and being a bit more reliable with friends.

It's not that cold, but boy, do I need to warm up!

Friday in Canberra


No exercise yesterday, spent the day travelling and standing around drinking cups of Tea. Back fairly late, so we had a hamburger at Marulan on the way back. Didn't enjoy it, and shouldn't have bothered.

Felt good on waking though, and snuck in a quick ride on the road bike through Coppins and up Stromlo (once only). Went to Customs 5k at lunchtime, although it was apparent on a warm up jog that it was going to be a slow old day. The wind blew up greatly, creating some dust storms which made it difficult before the start. On the course, I was conscious that I started off extremely slowly, and the wind around the lake was fierce. During the second and 3rd kilometres I picked up a bit, however faded a little after that.

All in all I was reasonably pleased with 23:41, as I was only expecting to hang on to 5 minute pace. I went to Regatta Point for an espresso, a jug of water to wash down my gel and fill up my fuel belt bottles, and then headed off at a slow, but comfortable pace to head home via the Botanic Gardens and Black Mountain Bushland. It was a beautiful afternoon and it was a lovely way to spend an hour or so.

I hope to head off fairly early to Albury for the Nail Can Hill run tomorrow, and will throw my Mountain Bike in the car with the hope to cycle over the course in the afternoon. This will depend on time and weather (I hate the cold!), but it seems worthwhile to plan for.

Hopefully I will get to meet Gronk at the run and let him now how well he is improving.

Until Sunday! or beyond!

Disjointed Week


I won't be able to get to Geoff's group (again) tonight, as Bob are heading down to Wollongong today to attend the funeral of his Aunt, the last of his father's generation.

I did manage to get in a couple of 6km runs this week, shorter than I would have liked, but something. Monday morning along the waterfront in Newcastle, Tuesday around Bilgola Plateau, and Wednesday I managed to get along to the BBQ Stakes at Woden.

Duathlon Race Report


I had been fairly non-plussed about this event on Sunday, knowing that I had done virtually no cycling recently, whilst I had been focused on the marathon 2 weeks earlier.

Now, up on the course with lots of familiar faces and a fantastic course I was quite enthusiastic and disappointed that I wouldn't be competitive. Nevertheless, I rode down with Bob on Sunday morning to a transition area buzzing with excitement.

Registration and race number in hand, I racked my bike and prepared for the pre-race briefing which detailed the altered run leg. With all age group men starting together, and a separate wave for AG women only two minutes later, I expected it to be tight on the scenic, multi lap course, however it worked extremely well, meaning that there was adequate room, as well as a good number of people to both chase, and push one along from behind.

My first 10km run leg was recorded as 45:29, a good balance between speed and preservation of energy for the 40km cycle and 5km run to follow. It was quite a warm morning, and many people went out far too fast, which I resisted meaning that I passed others, rather than was passed on this leg. Unfortunately the drink stations, whilst plentiful, did run dry of water when I wanted it which was disappointing.

Onto the bike, and four laps of a hilly course from Nobby's to Barr Beach via the coast. This was very beautiful, and worked well, the ascents and descents splitting up any potential groups that may have formed. I was passed quite early on this course by quite a number of people, although I was largely unable to tell their age group so was usually only aware of men (maybe) and women (probably). I didn't care if blokes passed at all, and tried to remain relatively within my comfort zone. I was slow, but retained very even splits with 24 minutes for each of the laps, and felt good, if thirsty, having finished off my two bidons by the end of lap 3.

A good transition onto the run leg, had me searching for the drink stops, however I was out of luck when a woman in front of me was handed the last cup. I swore ~ at the situation, not the race volunteers ~ and continued on my way, a bit grumpier and slower as the result. Further along I was able to grab a cup, and a few of these may have made me slow down to drink, however I perked up as a result and ran somewhat better. The final run to the finish chute was short by about 300-400 metres, and I managed to pull off 21:34 at the end, to finish with a total time of 2:46 in 10th position for my age group.

A few hundred cups of water later, I reviewed my event and caught up with the extensive Canberra contingent.

A satisfying day, although I must work on my cycling.

GPS Course Measurement


A good day, although again perhaps not the most ‘sensible’ pre–event. No doubt in part due my excessive somnolence over the past week, I awoke at 4 a.m. and found that there was no way I was going back to sleep. By 6 o’clock, I decided to get up and trot over the run course to avoid disturbing Bob further.

The streets of Newcastle were almost deserted at that time ~ with a few stragglers no doubt heading home after a big Friday night. Once at the transition point however (2.5km away) it felt as though I was in Triathlon ACT Central. A small army of volunteers were setting up bike racks, putting up star pickets and a mountain of bunting. A quick chat to them, and I headed out along Nobby’s Beach and along the peninsula with the lighthouse, and beyond the boardwalk to the end. Another few words with the guys, and then back along the promenade to the hotel in time to change into cycling gear to join some others who were going over the course. I found my No. 2 boy, Rad, a 77 year old dynamo runner and sometimes duathlete, and rode slowly over the course with him as the fast guys went ahead. Then on to coffee with some Adelaide friends at a funky little café.

Back at the hotel, the room was yet to be made up, although the corridors were alive with the sound of sprockets whirling. I wandered downstairs, met up with a guy checking in, and I offered to show him down to the course whilst his room was being readied. Further encounters with organisers led me to arrange to meet them later to assist in run course measurement. Walking back to the hotel racked up another 7km for the day. Travelling around the multi‑lap run course was fairly protracted, taking the best course amongst many Saturday afternoon strollers and families out to enjoy the sun and sea. It seemed far later than it was by the time I returned to the hotel, to a welcome hot bath and more ‘FortiJuice’ and a little Phô flavoured broth.

For a rest day, I cycled only 14 or 15 kms, however run close to 10 km, and walked (briskly) closer to 20 km. Feel good, although like the Marathon Eve, I haven’t fuelled adequately and at the appropriate times. I shall enjoy the event tomorrow, and shall finish. However it not last overall, I almost certainly be last in my age group.

Bob and Carolyne go to Newcastle


Bob and I headed off for a 'quick' (admittedly extended) weekend away, with the zucchini (green station wagon) loaded to the gunnel's with bikes, spare wheels, umpteen pairs of running and cycling shoes, hot weather gear, cold weather gear, clear fluid nutritional supplement (yum?), and no less than three laptops with peripherals. Three? One for me, one for him and my old one which has a 9 pin serial port for connecting a borrowed Forerunner 201 to to measure the Duathlon course.

It was a good drive, although I was tired and yawning most of the trip. The hotel, although a little tired aesthetically is pretty good with excellent service. Today (Saturday) was spent catching up with dear friends over coffee this morning, and the afternoon spent in driving over, and then cycling over the course to be used on Sunday. It is four laps of a stunningly beautiful10km course, around the coastline of Newcastle from Nobby's to Barr Beach and return. Certainly not flat, it will challenge some of the older competitors, although on the second lap I really enjoyed it. The run is flat along the waterfront at Nobby's, and part way up to the lighthouse.

I am looking forward to downloading the Polar and Forerunner data, and checking the altitude profile of the course. Whilst I am far from competitive at the moment, I will enjoy the race, and am looking forward to Sunday! And looking forward to eating solid food again on Sunday night!

the week that was


On Tuesday morning, I took Ellie for a gentle trail run from (my) home . . . she has only run a couple of times, however it is apparent that she is improving her fitness considerably each time ~ soon I will be watching her and Aki disappear into the distance as they sprint past me! This was good fun, and I enjoyed chatting during and after the run.

It was only a short, slow jog, however in the afternoon I was overcome by great waves of fatigue and slept early and slept often. I had wandered around all Sunday morning in my running gear waiting for a headache to subside enough to permit me to 'run it out', however it never did. This headache returned, and prevented me from doing much this week.

On Wednesday morning, my head was no better, and I realised that there was no way I could cycle down to run the BBQ Stakes. I thought I would try though, and drove (carefully) to the run, and bit the bullet and thought that I would go off my correct handicap despite feeling so ordinary. I couldn't stop yawning, and just felt like crawling back into bed. My shoulders and upper body ached terribly, and it was painful in bed, but worse on the run! Whilst the fresh air helped, I put in a far greater effort than last week after the marathon and was sooo slow! I thought that I would be last as I was passed by runner after runner, although managed to 'sprint' at the finish line and (nearly) dead heat with another. My headache was still there and I seriously doubted my capacity and the wisdom of going to Newcastle for the Duathlon Selection Race.

After consideration of my scratching from Geelong, I decided to go up with Bob, take it very easy, and see how I went. I was never going to be competitive, however this was just like how I was before Geelong and managed to pick up enough to participate in the Sri Chimnoy run.

So, it's no more news from me for a few days. I will head off with Bob this morning, think positive thoughts and know that this too shall pass.

Monday cycle and runlet


A quiet day today, felt good, however the wind was ferocious and I caught up on a lot of personal business first.

Went for a cycle on my road bike through Coppins again, legs and engine were good, although the cross winds made staying upright extremely difficult. Only one lap up Mt Stromlo today, the winds were too unforgiving making the descent a very sedentary affair. Back home on the bike path through Scrivener Dam, to permit a little more tree cover and protection from the wind.

First night with Geoff Moore's group at Parliament House ~ good value, even if I had to dash off to sign on for a rarely attended monthly meeting. about 7km all up, very enjoyable and looking forward to the next session!

Cycle and Cross Country.


Tired from last night, I was quite groggy this morning and took a while to get going. Cycled out the to the start/finish line of the 'Tour of Canberra' first stage at 11 o'clock to attempt to catch the finish of the Elites, with Bob's namesake nephew 'Fast Rob' McLachlan. Lots of people, but not much luck in seeing the guys.

Rode into Reconciliation Place (in front of the National Library) for the ACT Cross Country Club's Saturday run. Mainly social, I ran conservatively, in the same time as yesterday (22:53) with a 10 second negative split, and an annoying finish on thick, wet grass. At least I'm consistent!

A beautiful day, rode a rambling way home with more thoughts and plans of trail running adventures dancing in my head.

News is that Rob won the Stage this afternoon, although out-sprinted in the first stage this morning. 'Just' a single 148km Stage tomorrow. Almost makes you wonder why they bother! ;-)

And the winner is . . . .


Triathlon ACT (TACT) presentation dinner tonight, not too exciting but (drumroll please) I received an Agegroup award for Triathlete of the Year!

Dinner was pretty good for standard function fare, speeches were fairly brief, and both Bob and I came away with a small trophy for placing in the years events, as well as the etched perspex Trophy for the annual pointscore. It is no doubt a one-off for me, but a bit of a thrill anyway.

TACT Presentation Dinner 2005 010
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16 april

Rad, Carolyne & Bob - all Triathletes of the Year! (and good friends)

Friday is Customs day (is everybody happy?)


You bet your life we are.

The weather was a little iffy this morning, so I drove rather than cycled to the Customs Joggers lunchtime handicap. Ellie there for her second run, and although pushed by Friday stalwart, Rick, she did a big 3 minute PB.

I felt good, but was unsure about how I would pull up after the marathon at a faster pace. The short answer - Good! Big negative split, and a finish time of 22:52 for the 5k. Conditions were excellent, and I could have pushed myself far harder. Missed Aki though, when are the next Uni holidays?

The week beyond


I've been lax in blogging this week, despite feeling remarkably good. Perhaps I felt that I would jinx it if I said that "I feel good" and then collapse in a screaming heap.

However, it's Friday morning, and I'm confident that I pulled up very well from my first Marathon experience, and am actually healthier than I usually am.

Monday, Bob and I went down to the pool and spent time in the Spa and Steamroom for recovery. I went for an easy 60 minute walk in the afternoon and felt good.
Tuesday, more of the same with a more concerted, vigorous 6k walk on the hilly trails of Black Mountain.

Started running on Wednesday at the BBQ Stakes, cycling there and back. I went off an early handicap to chat with some friends, yet the pace was too slow for comfort, and I ran ahead. I was surprised that this 6k run was done so easily in 32:20 with no stiffness in the calves or quads.

Thursday was spent on the road bike, adding some hills in preparation for Newcastle. Through Coppins Crossing there and back, I cycled up Mt Stromlo three times, finding each repeat easier and quicker. The weather turned and I came home, however a 'good' 48k under the belt.

Friday, and it's Customs 5k Day! I shall go off my normal handicap and see how it goes. Weather is uninspiring, so no bike today.

Post Marathon Wrap-Up


There is so much to say after such an awesome weekend.

• Most importantly, a huge Thanks to Aki and Miss_Skarmel for their massive support over the weekend.

• It was terrific meeting so many Coolrunners from Sydney, Queensland, Melbourne and elsewhere. Seeing the sea of Blue and Yellow CR Caps is quite exciting when one knows that those wearing them may be fast or slow, but part of a supportive CR Community.

• The pleasure of finishing my first marathon is magnified a thousand fold by the efforts of other CR’s, whether they won, DNF’d, struggled bravely on, established a new W75 Record, or also participated in their first Marathon.

I met up with Miss_Skarmel during the first kilometre, although running alongside her, I was initially unaware of her signature pinkness! For the next 30km's or so, we chatted easily and constantly in that easy camaraderie that comes from sharing the joy of running. I am now one of her greatest fans ~ her fine personal qualities and talent were evident, and I was so impressed that she lined up for her first marathon within 9 months of commencing to run, and managed to finish in an impressive 3:41 with a cartwheel.

Canberra Marathon 1

Around 32km's I slowed right down, and was running on my own. I don't think I 'hit the wall' in the classic training sense, however my clear liquid diet over the previous 6 days was a bit light on calories on Friday and Saturday. My gut was better than it has been for any run in recent memory, however I needed two GU's to kick start my energy stores and get going. I will know better next time.

The other sticking point was my decision to tape GU's to the side of (frozen) water bottles for placement at the personal drink stations each 5km. I had heard that in past years that this was a well run organisation of volunteers checking race numbers and handing runners drinks. Nothing could be further from the truth on the day, apart from the 35km point where I had decided to give it a miss. I had wasted so much time at the 10k stop and was frustrated with standing there when I should be running I gave up without getting a drink. At one stop a woman chastised me for being in a hurry (my watch indicated I was stationary for nearly a minute!), while at another I was directed to a 2nd table where I searched fruitlessly until a guy brought me my drink from the 1st.

These were minor irritations, and I soon forgot them. It was certainly harder running on my own, where I may have been overtaken by some runners on the inclines, although found that I passed more and more people in the final stages.

I finished in 3:47:56 and was delighted. I stayed well hydrated, and didn't have any great stiffness or soreness at the end. Bob was perhaps even happier ~ he didn't think I do it on such an interrupted 3 months, and felt quite proud. Loved the experience, although not the 42kms of bitumen. It reinforced my desire to do as many long distance off road events during the year.

A more comprehensive report with an analysis of my Polar s625x will follow.

Nervous Excitement


This is good, no?

Went to Customs 5k today, and arranged to meet a friend who has been away from Canberra for a few years and hasn't run for 5 years. I saw Ellie at the Women and Girls Fun Run last week, and suggested she come along. Way off her best, she seems keen to resume and will no doubt improve rapidly.

I planned to do the jog at (an assumed) marathon pace, however was much slower running to show Ellie the way. No matter, it was good fun, and the group gathered for an excellent social barbeque afterwards.

Tonight I hired Chariots of Fire given the paucity of entertainment on TV, and the Marathon two sleeps away. Much to Bob's initial disbelief, I had never seen it and today seemed as good a time as ever. Different to what I expected, however a pleasant diversion.

Fairly early to bed and hopefully a good sleep tonight. Easy day tomorrow, with the afternoon spent cheering those along at the Marathon Eve Fun Runs.

Good Night, Good Sleep.

Be Like a Duck


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Mt Ainslie Run Up


Slowly getting back to normal, changing my template (very slowly), catching up on news, and so on.

I lobbed up to the Mt Ainslie Run-up and jogged very easily, chatting to Rad for the first part, and then keeping my heart rate at a very pedestrian average of 108 bpm. I ran up (and down) with an empty juice bottle that I had put water in to test for drinking from at the Canberra Marathon, and taped a Gu on the side. It was OK, but I decided to 'upgrade' to a six-pack of mini pump water bottles (400ml) on the way home. Went for a short 3k jog with this and found it much easier to handle.

Surprisingly, my time up Mt Ainslie was much quicker than last month, revealing how fatigued my legs were from the mountainous 34km run the previous Sunday. Today was a very conversational jog, mindful of the Marathon. I felt good.

Housten, we have lift off!


Wireless modem delivered this morning ~ thank heavens!

I had lost my connection whilst updating my totals in the template and lost the blog. (Thanks Aki and Wombat). Dial-up was painfully slow, and generally inaccessable, however we are now back in business and wireless! I have a lot of catching up to do!!

Not the Women & Girls Fun Run


18 Wounded as Radicals Attack Women’s Race

Asif Shahzad

Associated Press, Arab News

LAHORE, 4 April 2005 — Hundreds of radicals protesting against the participation of women in a marathon race hurled stones and bricks at competitors, and clashed with police in eastern Pakistan yesterday, leaving at least 18 people injured, police said.

About 2,000 men, women and children were taking part in the three-kilometer race when more than 200 supporters of the Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal (MMA), launched their attack, police official Arif Mushtaq said.

The attackers, wielding sticks and throwing stones, blocked the race course and chased competitors away as they approached a sports stadium in Gujranwala, a city about 200 km southeast of the capital Islamabad, where they were expected to finish race, Mushtaq said.

The attackers also set fire to cars and broke windows nearby.

Policemen who tried to protect the runners also came under attack, he said, adding that officers fired gunshots into the air and lobbed tear gas shells to disperse the attackers.

Eighteen people, including eight policemen, were reported injured in the violence. It was unclear if any of the competitors were injured, but Qazi Hameedullah, a lawmaker from the six-party religious coalition who allegedly led the protesters, was among the wounded, Mushtaq said.

He said police detained 25 people for their involvement in the attacks, but did not say if Hameedullah was arrested.

Mushtaq said MMA activists resented female participation alongside men in the sporting event, and they wanted to get inside the stadium to attack participants.

“If the attackers had managed to get inside the stadium it would have been a disaster,” Mushtaq said.

“The police had taken elaborate security measures for the marathon but the MMA activists tried to take the law into their own hands,” he said.

A spokesman for the MMA accused police of using force against peaceful protesters who wanted the race canceled.

“We had warned them in writing not to hold the race because it is against Islam. But despite that, this happened. They want to undress the entire nation,” Riaz Durrani said.

“It is indecent for women to run in the streets,” he said. “They want the sisters and sisters-in-law of the nation to wear knickers and T-shirts.”

Pakistan’s hard-line groups oppose women’s participation in sports. Women are generally discouraged from wearing shorts and T-shirts. The hard-line government in North West Frontier Province, which borders Afghanistan, banned male coaches from training females in 2003.

But the country of nearly 150 million people has women’s cricket and hockey teams, and Pakistan sent one female athlete to each of the last three Olympic Games.

Rubab Raza, 14, was the country’s first female swimmer to dive in an Olympic pool at the Athens Games last year.

The pro-Taleban MMA made unexpected gains in parliamentary elections in 2002 mainly on a platform of opposition to the US-led war against terrorism.

A US-led coalition ousted the Taleban militia from power in Afghanistan in late 2001 for harboring Al-Qaeda.

The alliance has called for the strict implementation of Shariah in Pakistan.

On Saturday, the MMA called the country’s first general strike in more than two years to protest spiraling prices, unemployment and the policies of President Pervez Musharraf.

The group said more than 3,000 of its followers had been arrested during the strike but police said they detained hundreds of the hard-liners.

MMA described its protest as successful but witnesses said the strike was partial in most places.

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