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A good day, although again perhaps not the most ‘sensible’ pre–event. No doubt in part due my excessive somnolence over the past week, I awoke at 4 a.m. and found that there was no way I was going back to sleep. By 6 o’clock, I decided to get up and trot over the run course to avoid disturbing Bob further.

The streets of Newcastle were almost deserted at that time ~ with a few stragglers no doubt heading home after a big Friday night. Once at the transition point however (2.5km away) it felt as though I was in Triathlon ACT Central. A small army of volunteers were setting up bike racks, putting up star pickets and a mountain of bunting. A quick chat to them, and I headed out along Nobby’s Beach and along the peninsula with the lighthouse, and beyond the boardwalk to the end. Another few words with the guys, and then back along the promenade to the hotel in time to change into cycling gear to join some others who were going over the course. I found my No. 2 boy, Rad, a 77 year old dynamo runner and sometimes duathlete, and rode slowly over the course with him as the fast guys went ahead. Then on to coffee with some Adelaide friends at a funky little café.

Back at the hotel, the room was yet to be made up, although the corridors were alive with the sound of sprockets whirling. I wandered downstairs, met up with a guy checking in, and I offered to show him down to the course whilst his room was being readied. Further encounters with organisers led me to arrange to meet them later to assist in run course measurement. Walking back to the hotel racked up another 7km for the day. Travelling around the multi‑lap run course was fairly protracted, taking the best course amongst many Saturday afternoon strollers and families out to enjoy the sun and sea. It seemed far later than it was by the time I returned to the hotel, to a welcome hot bath and more ‘FortiJuice’ and a little Phô flavoured broth.

For a rest day, I cycled only 14 or 15 kms, however run close to 10 km, and walked (briskly) closer to 20 km. Feel good, although like the Marathon Eve, I haven’t fuelled adequately and at the appropriate times. I shall enjoy the event tomorrow, and shall finish. However it not last overall, I almost certainly be last in my age group.

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  1. Blogger Sarah 

    Wow, great work - 10th in your age group and a great time!! I hear it's a hilly course, but you showed it!

    Bob did awesome as well, you've got to be very proud of him :-)

    Can't wait to hear about the race report.

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