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On Tuesday morning, I took Ellie for a gentle trail run from (my) home . . . she has only run a couple of times, however it is apparent that she is improving her fitness considerably each time ~ soon I will be watching her and Aki disappear into the distance as they sprint past me! This was good fun, and I enjoyed chatting during and after the run.

It was only a short, slow jog, however in the afternoon I was overcome by great waves of fatigue and slept early and slept often. I had wandered around all Sunday morning in my running gear waiting for a headache to subside enough to permit me to 'run it out', however it never did. This headache returned, and prevented me from doing much this week.

On Wednesday morning, my head was no better, and I realised that there was no way I could cycle down to run the BBQ Stakes. I thought I would try though, and drove (carefully) to the run, and bit the bullet and thought that I would go off my correct handicap despite feeling so ordinary. I couldn't stop yawning, and just felt like crawling back into bed. My shoulders and upper body ached terribly, and it was painful in bed, but worse on the run! Whilst the fresh air helped, I put in a far greater effort than last week after the marathon and was sooo slow! I thought that I would be last as I was passed by runner after runner, although managed to 'sprint' at the finish line and (nearly) dead heat with another. My headache was still there and I seriously doubted my capacity and the wisdom of going to Newcastle for the Duathlon Selection Race.

After consideration of my scratching from Geelong, I decided to go up with Bob, take it very easy, and see how I went. I was never going to be competitive, however this was just like how I was before Geelong and managed to pick up enough to participate in the Sri Chimnoy run.

So, it's no more news from me for a few days. I will head off with Bob this morning, think positive thoughts and know that this too shall pass.

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  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Hope you went OK, Flashduck; being so constantly tired doesn't sound the best, but like you said: this too shall pass. How often have I said that to myself over the past 2 weeks!!

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