Recovery Day


Still feel good after the tri yesterday and a very pleasant protracted evening spent with friends.

Bob and I took our great nephew Sam to the National Zoo and Aquarium which I was a little sceptical about having animals, as I often run around the perimetre and have yet to see a beast. I was wrong, larger than expected and great fun.

Although I had hoped to go for another recovery swim with Aki, time was against me, so a cycled down to the local pool (6 minutes) for a quick k mid afternoon. Bob rode out to the Cycle Time Trial on the Old Federal Hwy, and I drove to the Service Centre and cycled from there. Was surprised to see so many people, and was very dissapointed with my pedestrian time, however I enjoyed it immensely and it was good to pull up so well.

Itching to get back to running . . . Cross Country Summer Series starts tomorrow!

Canberra Capital Triathlon


Not Last (at least)

What a buzz! Although I did a sprint triathlon at Benalla just after Christmas, my Big Sleep had sapped my confidence. Felt good from the start, not anxious just a few excited nerves . . . planning to take it as a long training session.

Got through the swim, so much so I actually enjoyed swimming in the lake where there weren't too many people banging into me and navigation was reduced to 2 turns. A bit disappointed with my split, however I suspect it was just a tad long.

Didn't rush transition, and enjoyed getting on the bike. Felt as though I was moving OK, however only managed to pass one solitary rider over the 2 lap course, and this was a hollow victory when I saw the 70 on his calf. Concentrated on form and keeping my upper body still, and rode just about the entire course on the bars.

Through T2 to the run, and apart from difficulty in getting my right shoe on this was much quicker .. . . my new helmet is much better! Paced myself on the run, and felt good although was unsure of splits. Drank at each of the 6 drink stations without ill effect and everything held together. Lots of support from the sidelines, I am easy to pick out when so far back! Apart from the inside lining of my shoe wearing away and rubbing my un-socked and wet feet, it was an enjoyable run with a split time of 49:30 which I was happy with as I didn't flog myself.

Now I am thinking of the 2.5k Sri Chimnoy Lake Swim in a fortnight sans wetsuit. Slow, but I reckon I can do it!

Swimming with Aki


(the blind leading the blind)

Went swimming with Aki and I think I have created a monster water baby!

As someone who leant to swim in adulthood, I am still a newby and essentially a 'non-swimmer', so maybe I was able to draw upon recent knowledge of explaining what I need to remember to do (mainly to breathe ~ breathing really helps). I did a few laps, and got Aki onto my kickboard to practise putting her head under water. By the end I had to drag her reluctantly out of the water in order to get to the registration for my late entry for the triathlon on Sunday. All up, 1,000m and a good day was had by all.

Another Hot 5k


Friday's Customs Joggers Day ~ only a 5k Handicap, however an essential social fixture on the week, and not a bad barometre on form.

In hot conditions once more, there was a good turnout this week. I felt pretty good, although lost some focus when Bob rode up behind me, and again near the end. Finished in 35:50 off a 13 minute handicap leaving me with a net 22:50 or 4:34 pace (again!).

Rode my road bike there on the road as a test to see if the Triathlon on Sunday was feasible, home on the bike paths. Apart from the expense ($85) I can't see any disadvantages in doing the tri as a solid training day.

Aquathon #2


My new helmet arrived this morning - a bright yellow "Limar" from Italia via Dean Woods Direct in Wangaratta. This was to replace my Giro that was cracked and renderred unsafe in the car prang. Whooppee!

The Aquathon this evening was a 600m swim followed by a 6km run. Felt pretty good in the swim, and even remebered to push a bit at times, instead of adding a meandering effort to my my meandering navigation.

Last from my wave (the last) out of the water, I had slight difficulty in gettin my wet and dirty feet into my shoes, but was off on the best leg (I love running). With loads of people from the previous waves and a 2 lap course, there was quite of lot of company, even if they were in the other direction. The body held up well, being able to take in some water at each turn around, 1.5k; 3k; and 4.5k without ill effect this time. Even splits of about 6:50 for each 1.5k lap meant that I was pretty happy. Cycled home with lights in the twilight, arriving back at 8.30pm pretty happy with the way things are going.

I wonder if entering the Triathlon on Sunday is really stupid.

A welcome return!


8k not out.

I woke up feeling good, and managed to get going without drama this morning for the Medibank Private Australia Day Fun Run in Commonwealth Park. Bob and I drove down fairly early (for us) and saw quite a few people we knew, although the event was distinctive for all the "twice a year fun runners" who were in attendance. I was delighted to be there, and pleased that the event was on to encourage me to get out and do something early, rather than be too concerned about breaking down into the run, after my previous attemempts.

With a (rather clumbsy) call for 'sub 28 minute' runners to the line, I mingled with others from the cross country club for the 8 a.m. start (On time!)

There seemed to be the usual bun rush over the first kilometre or so, with small children stopping after a sprint start, and others fading after their optimistic race from the start. I settled into a happy enough pace, and at 2km felt very comfortable. I still did not recognise those around me.

Heading up onto Kings Avenue Bridge I was overtaken by a couple of women, and I was unable to judge their age range, nor run abreast of them as it was far too narrow. Felt good until about the 4k mark, but then faded a bit as the mob thinned out and there were fewer people to chase. Nevertheless was not unhappy with my time of 38:40 given the long break, and better still things held together for the first time in about three weeks.

I'm back!

PM's XI at Manuka


No running today but feel pretty good and am out of bed and out of the house.

The Cricket was bit ordinary, but it was a good day.

First day out of bed


We apologise for this break in transmission. Regular services will resume shortly.

After my Saturday fiasco, I deteriorated and went to bed. Apart from waking occaisonally to go to the bathroom I didn't stir for a week. Flare up of an inflamed colon kind of does that. Feel pretty good today, got dressed and went out of the house for a coffee with Bob. I hope to run soon. Entered Australia Day run on Wednesay, I hate pe-entering and not being able to start. I'll give it a go . . . .

A long run truncated


(or the legs are willing, but the bowels are weak)

After a protracted period of preparation, I finally got out for my proposed long run after 11am. While warm, there was a pleasant light breeze and high cloud cover, so for me the conditions were perfect.

Unfortunately, although the legs were singing along the path, my middle bits were not happy from the first k - and complained louder with each metre. I managed to have a long stop at the Weston Park toilets, and was annoyed to see that there was so much blood once more. Once I started up again, the pain returned causing me to stop and walk to assess the situation. Much to my chargrain, being sensible meant neither continuing my run nor walking home - from past experience this aggrevates the situation to prevent running, cycling or swimming for days. I rang Bob from the yacht club, and he came and collected me.

I will keep on my clear liquid (medical nutritional supplement) diet and see if I can have a proper long run instead of my body falling apart after 14k or so in the next few days. I feel a bit flat after being primed for a long one and stopping after an hour.

Que sera sera. Tomorrow (and the day after that) is another day . . . .

Flash by name . . . .


The predicted temperature of 38*C eventuated, ensuring that midday running should be quite short and sharp. After a protracted doctor's appointment, and the long wait to get a prescription filled meant that I was on autopilot changing into running gear and racing around to Friday's 5k handicap.

It seemed that only mad dogs and old runners would turn up originally given the temperature, and this proved to largely be the case. I have found that hot weather tends to affect me less than many others, so I went off my slated handicap (13:00 minutes). I set my Polar s625x to 'beep' each four and a half minutes, and the limits to set a pace of 4:30, with a 30 second tolerance. This seemed to work well, however I may set the 'lower' (4:00 min/pace) limit lower to prevent audiable alarms sounding when I am running downhill or accelerating.

Despite the heat, I felt good, and although passed by Nigel early on, I was able to maintain a fairly constant pace over the course, albeit a little slower than target. I finished in 22:42, a time I was happy with given the conditions and an early recurrance of the old GI problem around the 1km mark.

Plans now to have a long(ish) run tomorrow morning, hopefully before the weather gets too hot.

We'll see . . . .

The ugly duckling who can't swim


Did I say duckling?

I feel like a duckling, but I just grew up to be a duck! A busy and productive day today, with the prospect of an Aquathon (swim/run/swim/run) to look forward to in the heat of summer. I decided to cycle down to the lake, and enjoyed the 10k roll down the hill. Although confident at being able to complete the swims, I was feeling a little underwhelmed. A little good natured chatting at the start of the swim meant that I knew that I would be third in my age group ~ there were 3 starters, including one 'legend'. I still harboured hopes to be able to 'run down' second place, although this was not to be.

Diving confidentally into the water, I found my goggles immediately filled with tepid lake water and a pesky strip of weed which persisted the length of the swim. This was a very disjointed affair, unable to see beyond my onboard vegetation. I was last out of the water (expected) and spent a rather convoluted time to find my way through transistion to my shoes.

It was wonderful to be out on the run though, and it started to dawn on my how far behind everyone else I was, even though I was in the last (very small) wave to start. On the run, the legs were good, but the GI system made it's pressence felt once again, worsening on declines and with intensity. At the end of the first run (3k in about 15:00) I was delighted to be runninng, and didn't wast much time in this transition. To my surprise, my goggles worked a treat this time, and allowed a clear view of the lake and the buoys. I enjoyed the swim, even passing someone in the water (!), although later analysis of my heart rate indicates that I take the swim rather too casually. On the run I kept the pace up and finished strongly, feeling really good although wishing it were longer. The splits for both the second swim and run indicated a statistically significant negative split (14:30ish for the 2nd 3k) so I was happy enough.

I cruisey ride home completed the evening's activity before a bath to scrub off the race numbers and thence to bed.

Life's good.

No Run. Driving back to Canberra


What can I say? A pleasant day, although no time allowed to run.

. . . . and the winner is cricket


Tsunami Charity Match @ MCG

What a night! Managed to get out for a run in the morning at Queenscliffe (Vic) along the ocean front to Point Lonsdale lighthouse. It was wonderful being beside the sea, with the salt in the air. The first part of the run was on a sandy track along the cliff top, shrouded by a low, dense forest of casurina trees. Then down the dunes on to path along the seafront to Point Lonsdale.

On my turnaround, I thought that I would do the right thing and stopped at a water bubbler for a drink for the return. However this set up the old GI rumblings almost immediately, causing increasingly painful cramps, and eventually the need to slow to a walk whilst I plotted my escape from this public track wedged between the sea and a steep wall.

Luckily, a set of stairs leading to up the wall appeared and I made my way up them as quickly as possible. Gradually I was able to run again, and found a track leading along the top of the dunes. I enjoyed the uneven surface and made it back to the Guesthouse about 90 minutes after I started.

Probably about 14-15kms of running all up - although my legs were a bit tired, I felt good although am becoming increasingly frustrated at the inability to drink on runs, especially when I had only had restricted myself to a clear fluid diet for 4 days before hand.

A shower, bikes in the car, and then to Melbourne for a magic night of cricket at the MCG. Whilst I am not over fond of pyjama matches, being something of a Test aficionado, the atmosphere was marvellous, with very good cricket.

A great day.

Lorne Mountain to Surf


What a great event!!!!

Having been held up by a stream of runners crossing the Great Ocean Road driving into Lorne early one summer evening in January 2000, we were became aware of the Lorne Mountain to Surf fun run. After an unseasonally cold and windy day spent cycling from Queenscliffe to Geelong on the Bellarine Rail Trail for an expresso and return, the drive to Lorne was unexpectedly lengthy (90km) and time consuming .

Nevertheless we arrived in one piece, found a rare legal parking spot, and had time to register and collect our t-shirts, and have an excellent coffee from the Greek milk bar on the beach front. With 2,227 registered entrants on a course which narrowed to single track, the start was divided into three waves, with our wave not starting until 6:30 pm. I made the mistake of thinking that people would self seed at the start, and crammed around some like-looking souls. It was all too apparent however when the gun went that the bulk of 'fitness walkers' regarded this as a keystone event and had ensured that waited patiently at the front. A short, sharp hill near the start weeded out a lot of people who stopped in their tracks or walked, although dodging the crowds was difficult and uncomfortable. The sealed road gave way to gravel and a long sweeping downhill which, while crowded, enabled some overtaking. This led to the first drink station and the forest proper.

Here the run becames breath takingly beautiful, and the 'fell' style running on the trails suited me perfectly. It was impossible to settle into a stride however as one was constrained by the pace of those in front and to the rear, with those slower from earlier waves walking to the side. I overtook a few blokes where it was safe to do so, although I knew that there were women up ahead it was hard to sight them.

Too soon, we too were crossing the Great Ocean Road with the police holding up an impatient snake of vehicles for a seemingly endless procession of runners. A line of orange witches hats led up and over the crest of the hill to direct us on the run, and here I could see a few other females in front of me. The salt on the sea air was wonderful and I kept churning away over the final few kms.

Although unable to catch one woman in my sight near the end, I had a wonderful time and compared it to the amazing 10km I did in Fos in the French Pyranees in 2001, inwhich we crossed into Spain (or more correctly Euskei) and had border police holding up the traffic on our return.

I finished the 8k in 37:06 (my watch starting when I crossed the start line). We were wearing timing chips, however these were only for the finish (Doh!) I felt wonderful, quite elated, although rather annoyed with myself that I hadn't been more pushy and had a better start.

In the end, my official time was 37:56, 69th female (out of 800 finishers, 72 dnf); 6th Masters Woman (165 finishers); and 515th (1953 finishers).

Bob suceeded in scoring 2nd place and a pair of shoes, and we headed back up the coast happy, and too late to do anything but shower and fall into bed.

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