Lots to say, difficult to say for technological reasons.

(Computer fine, fingers can type, but in switching from ADSL broadband to Wireless ADSL Broadband with Bigpond, we are without a connection for somewhere between 'a week to 10 days' to 'a coupla weeks').

Hope to run this morning. See Aki on Friday. Front up to the start line on 10 April.

Fingers crossed.

A scratching from Geelong


[Edit Friday afternoon]

Crashed out literally into my dinner on Wednesday evening, crawled into bed and slept, lots! Realised that travelling anywhere, let alone racing in Geelong was not a wise move. Crook on Thursday (a good Australian tern, crook!), waved Bob goodbye, and slept the rest of the day.

Friday afternoon, I'm out of bed, throat, head and guts sore, but feeling heaps better. Planning for a run tomorrow (as you do). I need to remind myself to remember the big picture, and look towards Canberra (Marathon) in a couple of weeks and get to the starting line.

Need to catch up on Cool Running, rest and recover.

"Do what I should do, not what I can do"



Visit to my friendly, long suffering GP this morning. He's a jogger (5k's most mornings, although he has a knee injury which is preventing him from running), and understands the importance of exercise for me.

However, the evidence mounted that my body, specifically my digestive system, cannot handle the level of activity (to Wit; running). Although I have a 'tender liver' (Lamb's Fry for dinner anyone?) and require some tests for liver function and inflammation markers, this seems to be the same old, same old that has been going on for 14 years or so.

Specifically, it seems that my gut is getting inflamed with 'overtraining' (for me) and resulting in a cycle which lays me low for a while.

Marathon in 3 and a bit weeks. Triathlon at Geelong in a few days. Bob does lots more than me.


Still crook


Nothing to report.

I'll live, just feel kinda miserable and sleeping a lot.

Still haven't configered the new computer completely, but getting there.

Must recover.


A case of 'flu?


Sleeping 16 hours a day, aching bones, heavy head . . . seems fairly conclusive.

I don't want to attribute it to running in the rain for more than an hour, and then driving home wet and cold on Wednesday (I enjoyed it too much).

I don't want to blame my long lunch with my friend on Thursday at the National Library. (I enjoyed that too).

However I did drag myself down to the pool on Friday morning and swam a slow kilometre, yawning relentlessly before, after and during the swim. My plans to go to Customs at lunchtime, saw me instead curled up in bed for an afternoon of sleep.

Plans to join the Bilbys for a ride this morning are put on hold, and my planned long run tomorrow (35km-ish) is unlikely to be.

Back to bed, plenty of fluids, and more sleep.

Sleep, Jog, Refresh


Tuesday, 15 March

As expected, Bob and I were weary and lacking in sleep after the late night. I went back to bed after waking and having a cup of coffee, however I gradually improved as the day progressed. A bit of a mad rush at the end of the day, dashing out to pick up a new laptop and changing in the car (whilst driving) to go to the Cross Country run at 6pm. Somehow I had time to jump on the bike and ride there before it started. Although I felt fresh, decided to jog and chat with my favourite boys, Rad and Doug, completing the 5k in a very relaxed 29:30.

Wednesday, 16 March

A great change from the temperature yesterday in the low 30's . . . although it was a tropical 19 degrees at 6am, it got darker, colder and wetter as the day progressed. Managed a two hour run around Mt Ainslie Bushland in the rain which was deceptively pleasant. Easy paced, I found that I was running considerably stronger and faster as the run went on. As I have arranged to meet a friend for lunch tomorrow, and the weather is still forecast to be poor it was good to have these comfortable k's under my (soggy) belt. After a few hours of loading software, updating files and transferring software I am finally able to use my new computer, although I am out of the Cool running loop.

Feel strong and encouraged by going so well today, and look forward to a decent long run on the weekend.

Tired, but Happy


Pulled up well from yesterday, and went for a cruisey 8km jog through Black Mountain on soft,reasonably flat trails. My legs felt tired and slow, but there was no muscle pain.

In the evening went along to the last Bike Time Trial of the summer along Old Federal Hwy. I went off first, with other (faster) riders at 30 second intervals.
while I wasn't going to hammer it, my legs felt pretty good and I was surprised that I was not caught until the descent to the turnaround at the Lake George. A bit more tired on the return, although felt that my general improvement in fitness was carrying through to my cycling. A bit disappointed with the time on 1:08:30, but pleased with the days activity.

Only problem, it meant that we ate very late, and to bed even later. I will be too tired tomorrow.

Race and run home.


Today was the 20th Weston Creek Half Marathon, Bob's 7th, although my first.

Sad that Aki was injured and unable to do this goal event, however there will be many more opportunities. There seemed to be a big field, with quite a few Cool Running caps or tops evident. I felt good from the start, and despite the large field found that I was running largely on my own from around the 6k mark. Uncharacteristly, I found myself sweating profusely, drenching my shorts and shoes with many added kilos. I drank at each water station which were every 3km. Felt very strong until after half way when the squelshing water in my shoes were producing king size blisters. Although I had elastic laces, my feet swelled rather painfully. I picked up a bit towards the end, after a good dose of positive self talk. Despite this, wearing the same shoes and socks as during the 20km run concluding the triathlon last Sunday, I went through the 20km split at least 30 seconds slower, without having had 4 hours of swimming and cycling already.

My finish was OK, however my time was well over 100 minutes, which was disappointing. I will have to investigate how to adequately warm up so that my fastest run splits aren't all on triathlon and multi-sport courses.

There was an excellent presentation at the Canberra Irish Club with many barrell draws. Our string of luck continued with both Bob and I winning a refund of our entry fees to the Canberra Marathon. I changed, putting on dry clothes, thorlo socks, training shoes and a fuel belt for water and ran home at a relaxed pace. Although the temperature was about 30*, I stayed dry this time, and felt quite comfortable, my feet fairly well protected in the heavier shoes. Another 14km rounded the day to 3 hours and 35km and I felt good, although there was nearly a two hour break in between.

A visit to the local pool for stretching in the spa and steam room, fortuitous as the pool was being used for a swim meet. This really helped my recovery and I feel raring to go tomorrow.

Re-energized and Ready to Go!


What a difference a day (or two) makes.

On Wednesday, I could barely be bothered, today I felt like a million dollars. As I had an appointment immediately before the Customs run, I drove and therefore was able to do a short warm up and cool down to bookend the event, not having to safeguard my bike, wallet, helmet etc.

Although I felt that I would run OK, but not fast, on the back of yesterdays medium-long run around the lake, I felt good from the start and kept it up. Once again I finished a little faster than I started, despite the one hill being at this end. Fourth across the line (on handicap), I managed to run 22:24 for the 5k, a recent PB, and I wasn't working too hard. My average and max. heart rate were well within a green training zone.

Finished off with a relaxed jog around Central Basin on yet another perfect late summer's day in Canberra. If only it was always like this . .. .

Late Night Edit:
Bob and I went down to Black Mountain Peninsula for an Open Water Swim with some of the Tridents. I am not a great swimmer, can hang in there (I'm very stubborn), but am really slow. Nevertheless I was able to swim 4 'laps' of a triangular course between three buoys. All in all, Bob calculated we did about 1,400m. The water was wonderful, and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it.

When we got home, there was a flurry of emails to organise a get together over coffee for three of we Canberra Cool Runner 'girlies'. So tomorrow afternoon it is. Should be fun!

A Flat Period - Over!


I felt wonderful after the triathlon on Sunday, ready to take on the world.

On Monday, went for an afternoon run out and back in Aranda Bushland, keeping it it short (6km), flat and on soft surfaces. Felt great physically and keen to get back into it tomorrow.

Tuesday, I stuffed around, and eventually got out on the bike, but despite the beautiful day I was merely going through the motions. I cruised around a bit, and then went home. Physically I was fine, my upstairs there was no one home.

Wednesday was a non-day exercise wise. My motivation just wasn't there. I liked the idea, however my heart wasn't in it. Took it on the chin and decided it was a 'mental health day', saw an exhibition, and Bob and I caught the movie 'Motocycle Diaries' in the evening. A good day, and I looked longingly at the bush around Black Mountain driving home.

Today was much better. I hoped to do a longer run, however was just going to play it by ear and see how I went. Whilst it took a couple of k's to get into the swing, I settled into a comfortable pace and enjoyed just running. Whilst not quick, I did a rambling circuit of Lake Burley Griffin, delving into Weston Park and other peninsula's along the way to fill up water bottles and get an alternate view of this perfect day. All up, about 25k, finishing better than I started. Very easy pace, and the lowest heart rate I can remember for a run (126 bpm) under 60% of my max. reserve. At least I'll be well rested for the half marathon on Sunday.

What a Buzz!


The time had come for the Sri Chinmoy Lengendary Long Course Triathlon; the day before had lashing winds accompanied by showers and was very cold. The predicted 4-20C Temperature was a little concerning, and at 5am when we got up, it was 4 degrees and felt it, although was admittedly calm.

Apart from an accident when we arrived which necessitated me having to dump my gear and drive home to change into alternative race gear, the day went without a hitch. As I was driving back into Black Mountain peninsula after the first wave had started, I just figured that as my aim was to finish, it didn't matter which wave I started in, or indeed if I started late behind everyone. No worries, although I had not unpacked my gear in transition, I started on time, and actually enjoyed the swim on another perfect Canberra Autumn morning with mist on the top of the lake, a festival of balloons overhead, and a stunning sunrise.

Transition obviously took far longer than it should, but, then this was the event to dally. My wetsuit would not come off, but, hey I felt good! Cycle leg was a known quantity, although it was here that the loneliness of a long distance (runner/cyclist/triathlete) comes to the fore. Very cold on the first descent through Coppins Crossing, but a great day and I still felt good.

T2 was much quicker, although I had to open a bag to pull out my shoes and unroll socks that I decided would be worth it on a 20k run. At the last minute we had found that they had changed - and shortened - the run course from a 21k loop of the lake to a 0k out-and-back. Whilst I am always hoping for a little further on the run leg, I could see many advantages with an out-and-back. As it turned out, water stations were plentiful, my feet felt light, and I managed to pass quite a few people, ending up with a pleasing run split of 1:37:10 for the 20k.

All in all, a great day. I really like the 'long game', and am torn to decide what to do next weekend. I had thought that the Weston Creek Half marathon was on Saturday, with the final triathlon of the local season on Sunday. It is not a format, distance or venue that I particularly like, being a 2k run followed by a 16k bike, 400m pool swim and final 2k run. However, Bob has pointed out that if I do this race I am assured of winning the Triathlete of the Year award for my age group. This would be by default I feel, and maybe cheating a bit, as I am by no means talented. And I would like to do the Half.

Decisions, decisions.

Entry deadline for the Half has been extended to the Cross Country event tomorrow night, so I must decide. A (maybe once in a lifetime) chance of a trophy (I don't get trophies!) or my preferred distance? 45-50 minutes vs 100 minutes?

Any ideas guys?

Too Busy to Update


A busy few days, one with activity, the others with boring business stuff.

Wednesday 2 March
Decided to get on my road bike and ride it through Coppins Crossing en route to the BBQ Stakes at Lunchtime. Good plan, and the cycling part was fine. However, carrying a heavy lock in my backpack was not fine, and despite it being cushioned by a pair of running shoes, the lock dug into my back most painfully. I had to stop at the top of the hills and rearrange it, which was OK for a couple of kilometres, however it continued to be a big pain in the back for the rest of the cycle. I didn't think that I could run.

Needless to say, I did, very slowly at first, and quite slowly at the end. My average heartrate reflected this (141), so I was not unhappy, feeling a bit better when I finished than at the start. Although not ideal, I wrapped the locked around my frame and rode home on the bike paths. Short swim in the morning encouraged me to do this more often.

Thursday 3 March
An easy, flattish run in the morning in the Black Mountain Bushland adjacent to home. Average Heart Rate 134 (nearly comatose), and about 10km. Plans for the rest of the day had to be deferred due to life getting in the way.

Friday 4 March
Went right from appointments in the morning to Customs at lunchtime. Decided to go early to hold the watch at the end to encourage me to keep it easy. Very slow to start, however as I warmed up I naturally sped up a little for a big negative split of 24:13. Small field today, although lots of friendly faces.

Late afternoon a one hour swim of steady laps, planned to just swim for 60 minutes or until the lane traffic got too much. I'm starting to 'get' this swimming thing, something I never thought possible! Fairly confident about getting through the 2.2k swim on Sunday, although the weather may play a factor. Currently the forecast is for a low of 6 degrees - not great for someone with 'Fishblood'. (A "medical term" bestowed on me by my Lithuanian Neurologist). Bbbrrr

Bring on the weekend.

Hares and Rabbits


Another day which is almost too good to be true. Everything fairly low key, lots of socialising, with commuting by bike, participating in the Mt Ainslie Run Up, an afternoon splash, and timing at the evenings Cross Country.

I would have liked to have run and swum more, however time constraints and chatting put paid to that. There was a huge turnout at Mt Ainslie - 40 people - and I felt good after 30kms cycling before hand. However at 'GO' my calves and quads protested loudly for the first few steps and I dropped to the back and just churned on in baby steps enjoying the bush and the view. Felt better as I went on, however the 6k undulating run the previous day was easy after the mountains on Sunday, but this was not. 2.2k in 20 minutes - Hmmph. Better net time. Jogged down easily and rode to the pool for a 'quick' 1,000m before the swim school crowds started. I mightn't be fast, however my swimming is improving and getting stronger. I think doing a little bit regularly is a good move.

Perfect weather, and a good day of gentle activity.

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