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The time had come for the Sri Chinmoy Lengendary Long Course Triathlon; the day before had lashing winds accompanied by showers and was very cold. The predicted 4-20C Temperature was a little concerning, and at 5am when we got up, it was 4 degrees and felt it, although was admittedly calm.

Apart from an accident when we arrived which necessitated me having to dump my gear and drive home to change into alternative race gear, the day went without a hitch. As I was driving back into Black Mountain peninsula after the first wave had started, I just figured that as my aim was to finish, it didn't matter which wave I started in, or indeed if I started late behind everyone. No worries, although I had not unpacked my gear in transition, I started on time, and actually enjoyed the swim on another perfect Canberra Autumn morning with mist on the top of the lake, a festival of balloons overhead, and a stunning sunrise.

Transition obviously took far longer than it should, but, then this was the event to dally. My wetsuit would not come off, but, hey I felt good! Cycle leg was a known quantity, although it was here that the loneliness of a long distance (runner/cyclist/triathlete) comes to the fore. Very cold on the first descent through Coppins Crossing, but a great day and I still felt good.

T2 was much quicker, although I had to open a bag to pull out my shoes and unroll socks that I decided would be worth it on a 20k run. At the last minute we had found that they had changed - and shortened - the run course from a 21k loop of the lake to a 0k out-and-back. Whilst I am always hoping for a little further on the run leg, I could see many advantages with an out-and-back. As it turned out, water stations were plentiful, my feet felt light, and I managed to pass quite a few people, ending up with a pleasing run split of 1:37:10 for the 20k.

All in all, a great day. I really like the 'long game', and am torn to decide what to do next weekend. I had thought that the Weston Creek Half marathon was on Saturday, with the final triathlon of the local season on Sunday. It is not a format, distance or venue that I particularly like, being a 2k run followed by a 16k bike, 400m pool swim and final 2k run. However, Bob has pointed out that if I do this race I am assured of winning the Triathlete of the Year award for my age group. This would be by default I feel, and maybe cheating a bit, as I am by no means talented. And I would like to do the Half.

Decisions, decisions.

Entry deadline for the Half has been extended to the Cross Country event tomorrow night, so I must decide. A (maybe once in a lifetime) chance of a trophy (I don't get trophies!) or my preferred distance? 45-50 minutes vs 100 minutes?

Any ideas guys?

3 Responses to “What a Buzz!”

  1. Blogger plu 

    Well done Flash Duck. I love reading about the triathlons.


  2. Blogger Sarah 

    Way to go Carolyne!!!!

    I cheered you across the finish line - you were looking awesome!

    I also saw you at the end as I was leaving, and was about to walk up and say hi when Bob Harlow started chatting to you, so I decided just to head home. I will get to say hi one day... :-)

  3. Blogger Aki 

    Weston Creek is on the Sunday isn't it? This is like my other decision, the fun run where I won't get anything, or the walk where I would get a medal for finishing the distance. You know which way I've chosen, but the power is yours!

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