One Perfect Day

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Canberra in Autumn . . . clear blue skies, gentle breezes, birds singing ~ you wouldn't be dead for quids.

Pulled up very well from yesterday, and decided to give my road bike a test ride around the Sri Chinmoy course for Sunday. My legs felt fine, and better as the ride went along. As tempted as I was to continue with another circuit through Coppins and a side trip up Mt Stromlo, I figured that I should keep things fairly low intensity today and limit the hills.

Recovered with a refreshing bath, and then walked down to hideous Mall to fill some prescriptions and run some errands. It was a perfect day for a walk.
On the (long) way home, I stopped by a local store for a drink. They didn't have my favourite (Saxby's Diet Ginger Beer), but chanced a full sugared Margaret River Chilli Cola (with Lime). Apart from the unnecessary calories, it was a great surprise - dry, with a bite that gradually built up.

A gentle recovery jog in the evening was really enjoyable, 6 minute pace, and I felt great. It was rounded out by a few laps in a too-busy pool in the evening and lots of stretching and self massage in the Steam Room and Spa.

Just a perfect day!

3 Responses to “One Perfect Day”

  1. Blogger Sarah 

    Sounds awesome!!!!

    I have to agree - it's just gorgeous here at the moment! If only it'd stay like this....

  2. Blogger Ewen 

    You stole one of my headings Flash! Or, maybe great minds think alike? You've got to love these perfect days!

  3. Blogger Ewen 

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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