A little better . . .

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I had the most humungous night sweats during the early part of the evening, and swapped beds and ended up lying on a few layers of towels to stay a little dry.
Awoke for a few hours in the morning but went back to sleep and woke up at 8:30 feeling much better. I might consider cycling down to Customs today - Bob is away with the car heading up to do the Port Macquarie Long Course Tri this weekend. I will get the washing on, and see how I go.

Evening Edit
Well, it has been an interesting few hours. I noticed that there was a backpack in Bob's study with his Triathlon race suit on top of his wetsuit. It seemed as though it he left it behind in the rush to leave yesterday. I rang him and he was surprised, and we checked with other Canberra athletes who might be about to head to Port, but they had all left. A few phone calls resulted in me finding that Greyhound Buslines might be able to get it there in time, so leaving things half done in the house I cycled down to the Bus Depot. Got it on in time, it now depends on it making the right connection in Sydney.

As I was there, went on to Customs lunchtime run and caught up with people . . . I was still feeling very ordinary, but ran anyway. A hot day which didn't suit me as much as the heat normally does, but ran a slight positive split for a 23:32 finish which was faster than I would have anticipated. Went to the supermarket on the way home and bought washing powder and all sorts of heavy and bulky things which made the return ride up the hill home more of a challenge.

To round out the disjointed day, I went down to the pool for an evening swim, thinking that I would make it a 'Sprint Distance' day; a 5k run, 20k cycle, and 750m swim. I thought that the pool would be relatively quiet on a Friday night, but I was wrong! I did 800m in straight laps, and avoided the temptation to round it up to an even 1k, or 1.5, or . . . I knew I had to ride home and needed to ensure that I had plenty of light.

Feel much better, will go for a run tomorrow in Black Mountain and extend it to whatever distance I feel comfortable with.

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