Slack and Bloated

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Damn drugs.

That's better. Yesterday wasn't a bad day, although I spent all day in my running gear and half of it asleep. A sure sign of my immune system telling me to slow down is the big sleep, and while I felt chipper when I got up and put on my running gear, a big wave came over me within an hour and I just took off my shoes and slept for 3 or 4 hours. Bob rang ~ his triathlon gear arrived ~ and I fell asleep again! Spoke to Aki, was visited by my favourite M75 and spoke to Bob again, and put my Road Bike together and gave both bikes a good clean.
Cycled about 3k to post a letter and check the bars on the road bike.
That was yesterday.

Today, feel pretty good, although very bloated. Women, body image and all that, got on the scales to check . . . 61kg!! 8kgs heavier than the same bat time and same bat station yesterday. No Ice cream. No chocolate. A little fruit. This happens to me from time to time, and nurses and other medical types get concerned at my rotund face. Although I know it's not self induced, it feels foul.

I have taken a couple of immodium, and will head out for a Black Mountain exploratory soon. Here I was hoping for a wetsuit swim on Sunday, and I wouldn't even fit my big toe in my wettie now if I tried.

Sigh . . . .

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