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A busy few days, one with activity, the others with boring business stuff.

Wednesday 2 March
Decided to get on my road bike and ride it through Coppins Crossing en route to the BBQ Stakes at Lunchtime. Good plan, and the cycling part was fine. However, carrying a heavy lock in my backpack was not fine, and despite it being cushioned by a pair of running shoes, the lock dug into my back most painfully. I had to stop at the top of the hills and rearrange it, which was OK for a couple of kilometres, however it continued to be a big pain in the back for the rest of the cycle. I didn't think that I could run.

Needless to say, I did, very slowly at first, and quite slowly at the end. My average heartrate reflected this (141), so I was not unhappy, feeling a bit better when I finished than at the start. Although not ideal, I wrapped the locked around my frame and rode home on the bike paths. Short swim in the morning encouraged me to do this more often.

Thursday 3 March
An easy, flattish run in the morning in the Black Mountain Bushland adjacent to home. Average Heart Rate 134 (nearly comatose), and about 10km. Plans for the rest of the day had to be deferred due to life getting in the way.

Friday 4 March
Went right from appointments in the morning to Customs at lunchtime. Decided to go early to hold the watch at the end to encourage me to keep it easy. Very slow to start, however as I warmed up I naturally sped up a little for a big negative split of 24:13. Small field today, although lots of friendly faces.

Late afternoon a one hour swim of steady laps, planned to just swim for 60 minutes or until the lane traffic got too much. I'm starting to 'get' this swimming thing, something I never thought possible! Fairly confident about getting through the 2.2k swim on Sunday, although the weather may play a factor. Currently the forecast is for a low of 6 degrees - not great for someone with 'Fishblood'. (A "medical term" bestowed on me by my Lithuanian Neurologist). Bbbrrr

Bring on the weekend.

2 Responses to “Too Busy to Update”

  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    Thanks a million for the reminder to go easy, Flashduck! You'd think a silly old Chickybabe would know better!

  2. Blogger Aki 

    Next weekend we should go for a light jog together, all being well.

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