Happy Old 2005!

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It was forecast to be hot today - 38*C - so getting out early was the best plan. I failed, the combined effects of night sweats and a (more moderated, but still out there) sinus headache. The kitchen was scrubbed thoroughly though in the process.

I left on my road bike, hoping to get in the first of many decent rides, with no clear plan of a route, however being prepared to take it as it comes. Given the weather, I headed north instead of towards the Cotter / Uriarra Loop to ensure that I had the option of shortening the ride, access to cold drinks and fewer hills to begin with.

With this in mind, I rambled through Gungahlin and out onto the Federal Highway, where I topped up my now hot an empty bidons at the 'servo at Eaglehawk Hill. A smooth roll down the freeway to the Tulip Farm, and then back along the highway. I was greeted with genuine disbelief when I rode through the 'drive thru' at McDonald's at Dickson for another refill of cold drinks with Ice. I got a great reception, and it was a good move, time and cost efficient.

Despite lots of traffic lights, I continued on through civic and up the parkway (memories of the Canberra Marathon), before clicking over my planned 60km for the day.

I felt magical! Perhaps it was just that I kept amply hydrated, however there was nil fatigue, heat effects or anything. Getting smart in my old age?

Bob and I took in a movie (an annual event for us I'm afraid) that afternoon and decided not to see in the new year with a cycling race on tomorrow (for Bob) and another scorching day predicted.

Here's to 2006!

4 Responses to “Happy Old 2005!”

  1. Anonymous plu 

    All the best for 2006.


  2. Anonymous wobbly_man 

    Sounds like a great way to see out the year FD! Looking forward to catching up in April!

  3. Anonymous Cirque 

    Sounds like a great ride. I hope 2006 is a great one for you!

  4. Anonymous Horrie 

    You had a great year in 2005 Flashduck. I hope 2006 is as kind to you.

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