Yuletide - Continues!

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It looks like Wobbly's (et al) get well wishes did some good, as we arrived at my sister's in Exeter mid-afternoon. It was the first time that we had visited here, and the first time that we were on the home turf of her newish (to me) partner, so we didn't quite know what to expect.

Upon arriving, two more chairs were pulled up for us at the kitchen table ~where twelve people were already sitting down and starting to serve themselves from large platters groaning with food. Rather magnificent food at that. After introductions (with all names quickly forgotten), we joined in, feeling very conspicuously under-dressed in shorts and t-shirts. We weren't warned about the 'company'. A very pleasant extended afternoon concluded with a guided tour as we walked around the grounds, already grand, but definitely a vision in progress.

And so it went into the evening, eventually saying goodbye to couples here and there, as neighbours and others continued to drop in. Finally it was apparent that there were three other house-guests that night, and we settled into our room, had a welcome bath and an early night.

Wednesday, 28 December

(but pleasant enough) sealed road. I was very sluggish to start, but, as per usual picked up as we went. Bob insisted we turn around after about 4.5 kms as I had been so crook, and I out-sprinted him (you have to pick your time for the challenge!) in the final dash.

Breakfast with the rest of the household, before changing into cycling clothes and heading out on our Touring machines (Cannondale F600 Mountain bikes with slicks and racks) for an exploration. There was a fair amount of holiday traffic, but I was keen to get onto some of the cycle friendly roads that I had seen around Lucky Legs' part of the woods and just get some time in my legs. Although hot to start the day, extensive high cloud cover meant that it was very pleasant for cycling.

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