Sleep, sleep, perchance to run

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God I hate these night sweats! They make me so tired!

Bob and I went out to visit a twelve hour old Max this morning, and picked up the presents from Civic on the way home. I lay down, just for a minute mind to you to rest my eyes, when (İwhoosh!), the next thing I knew Bob was waking me up and it was closing in on 5pm. Where did the day go?

Although groggy, I struggled into some running gear and wandered down to the annual BBQ Stakes Christmas Handicap (with barely a second to spare). Once a year before Christmas, the regular 6km lunchtime run is moved to the late afternoon, and run as a ‘Turkey’ relay handicap; teams of two predict their total time to complete the course as a relay of 3kms each; and start off a handicap to finish in 40 minutes. Bob and I joined together, neither feeling fast or flash, and arbitrarily predicted a total time of 28:30.

A last minute trip to the bathroom meant that I had a decent warm up jogging to the start of my run leg to catch the others up. Although Bob was not in the first wave of runners coming through, he did appear after a miraculously fit and flash looking Phibes, fresh from his fantastic run on the weekend from the Coast to Kosciusko. He tagged me and I bumped straight into another finishing relay runner. Once I had disentangled myself I was off, rather too fast on the uphill start, but feeling surprisingly fresh.

I kept going, and passed many of those who had been tagged before me. While many were taking it easy to get close to their predicted time, I couldn’t see the point and just ran. In the end, I crossed the line in 3rd place, a gross time of 38:47, well under the required 40:00 minutes. A short, quick hit out over three kilometres, this wasn’t surprising, however the relative heat suits me and made many of the others suffer.

Off a 11:30 handicap start, Bob did 13:17 for his relay leg, and I managed 13:48. Not a great time, but I felt good. Some strong gut pain from the 2km mark on, but not too bad considering. Thankfully I finish this last course of antibiotics tomorrow which should help. They have really knocked me around.

2 Responses to “Sleep, sleep, perchance to run”

  1. Anonymous Friar 

    Our team must have been close to a placing as we finished in 40:13.

    We're still practising on getting to an accurate time.

    Kevin ran 22 seconds too fast, and I ran 35 seconds too slow.

  2. Anonymous Bennyr 

    Good to hear you'll be off those antibiotics soon. They can be right bastards.

    Take Care,

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