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What a frustrating five days . . . sparkling new computer with no legit connectivity. We did occasionally hit upon (quite unintentionally) some unsecured neighbourhood wireless networks, but in this time I have done NO exercise (despite some good weather), eventually and reluctantly ringing the tech support people.

Can't complain about the attitude or helpfulness of the techies. Unfortunately the result yesterday after heavens knows how much time, was to contact the computer manufacturer. I was exhausted by the end and decided to sleep first. I am on another course or two of mega-antibiotics for the continuing sinus' saga, and am still sleeping a lot.

Without Centrino support offered by Bigpond at all, and nothing performing according to Hoyle, I slept on it and decided that I would cut some losses and purchase an authorised' wireless adaptor to get at least one laptop up and connected. Another phone call to Telstra didn't prove too fruitful, but I went to a Telstra shopfront and (eventually) managed to find one.

It didn't work. I had all the original disks, keys passwords etc, but no dice. Ggggrrrr. Really nice techie guy helped me this time. Confirming that I was doing all the right things instead of stuffing it up was consolation at the time, but not lasting. After much farnarkling, we got one laptop connected with an Ethernet cable, But that was it. Advice: go to supplier and get them to help.

I had a nap.

Embiggend with the restorative powers of sleep, I twiddled and twitched. Then; Ay Curumba! This is looking good. I was so excited as I was prompted for the WEP key and saw the flashing of the wireless LED on the router that I kept emitting little noises of excitement. I was connected!!!!

Got the printer set up to the network without too much drama, and spent another half an hour or so tweaking Rob's laptop. Woo Hoo! I feel really proud of myself, and all without (an outdated version I suspect) Wireless Adaptor. Centrino up and atom.

Gloat Gloat Gloat.

Now to catch up on others blogs and do all those other important things in life!

8 Responses to “Bigpond 0 FlashDuck GOLDEN GOAL”

  1. Anonymous Luckylegs 

    At last, FD! Good to know you're back on air, but what a frustrating time you've had! So we can look forward to the conclusion of your 6Ft track post? and, of course, the photos?

  2. Anonymous Gronk 

    I'm glad you finally conquered that recalcitrant network FD. A system designed by computer technicians with intentional flaws to confuse the general public and provide their peers with an endless stream of work. ;)

  3. Anonymous Friar 

    Good to know you've overcome the problems caused by the "fools" who took your computers and were the cause of all this frustration.

    Have the thieves been caught by any stretch of good detective work and luck?

  4. Anonymous minersrun 

    Hope you finally get things sorted there Carolyne - weren't you heading off to Sydney or somewhere soon though? Didn't think you were going to be around for the HIM this weekend?

  5. Anonymous 2P 

    I wonder if techies have a billable hours code for farnarkling - I expect they do.

    Glad to hear you are back up on the triple W FD :-)

  6. Anonymous BennyR 

    Welcome back, FD.

    I have been having similar hassles with my connection. Being an old Weddings Parties Anything fan I used to have a positive association with the initials WPA. No more, I tells ya. I now have a random connection courtesy of a dodgy dongle wireless adapter.

    Oh well. These problems are relatively insignificant, and we are both online.

  7. Anonymous Cirque 

    Glad to hear you're back with us FD. I hope you get on top of that nasty sinus problem too.

  8. Anonymous Omni 

    Good to hear your back.

    Can't resist but Golden Goal isn't used anymore, it's silver goal (keep playing after first goal untill half or full time in extra time)

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