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Amidst the “barking like a sick dog” (my GP’s description), the umpteen hours of sleep, and the euphoria of improvement through medication (drugs=good); a few things have happened which effect life on planet duck over the next month or three.

Firstly, my super cool niece Claire (CJ) is having a 21st celebration on the night before the Canberra Half Ironman ~ in Sydney. I have been a notoriously bad friend / aunt over the last 21 years, not made easier by being in different cities, and my extended periods of illness where travel and even talking were not feasible. However, that is all in the past!!! So, Bob and I had no compunction in deciding to go and thus are somewhat reluctant scratchings from the Canberra Half Ironman.

Bob is going to head bush this weekend camping with his nephew namesake, Rob, so I am keen to recover quickly and have a good weekend book ended by the Belconnen Community Fun Run on Saturday morning, and the Tour de Femme on Sunday. I must check to see if CJ and Strewth are going to wear their Cool Running Tri Tops!

Bob is now giving very serious consideration to attending an intensive Teaching English as a Second Language Course in Sydney over January 2006. He knows someone who did this course and spends a few months each year in places such as China and Russia. As an inveterate traveller, and besotted by the places such as this that he has visited, the thought is that we may spend some months living overseas (in the Canberra winter??!). At 58 ½ years of age, this is not an insignificant undertaking, both in time, commitment and money. It is many decades since he has done any teaching, so that is also an unknown quantity.

If he decides to go ahead, the course runs throughout January from the 3rd to the 27th. It would preclude him doing any serious training for the Long Course Triathlon Champs at Jervis Bay in February (which is significant), especially as the World Champs will be held in Canberra on 19 November 2006. The application needs to be submitted (with funds) soon, so a decision will be imminent. He will need to find somewhere to stay, fit in morning runs and hopefully some swimming and return to being a student after many years. I would probably go up every second weekend, and maybe get Bob to travel done in the middle. It is a work in progress anyhow.

So – for now, gradually increase suitable exercise (staying out of the water), and be fit and fighting to go for the next big thing – the slow assault on the six foot track.

Late Breaking News: Just spoke to my sister, and we are going to spend Christmas together at her place in Sydney. Whoo Hoo!! Time for me to think about the exciting food to make!

7 Responses to “Update”

  1. Anonymous minersrun 

    Sorry to hear you won't be around for the Half IM Carolyne. Certainly hope the plans for Huskisson don't get dashed as well!

    Now what's this CJ reference? They're not one and the same surely?

  2. Anonymous Bennyr 

    Could be exciting times ahead.

    My brother took a similar course to that one a couple of years ago. He has since spent nine months in Russia and is currently in Columbia. And he writes the most fascinating emails you will ever read.

  3. Anonymous strewth 

    Yes to the coolrunning top - good thing you suggested it as I was going to wear my Italian one but the CR one is a great idea! And a big yes to coffee too - I still owe you money and I'm very embarrassed about it! Also, just as a matter of interest my sister is 65 and has just returned from China. She has spent many years there on and off teaching English to Chinese pilots. They have offered her work there every time she leaves and the offer is still there. My point is that 58 will definitely not be considered too old. I think that's a wonderful idea and would be an exciting and challenging experience. I know she returned for 12months stints several times. She is also NOT a qualified teacher but I believe attained a certificate to qualify to teach English. She can speak very little Chinese as the Chinese are expected to always try to understand the English and she never had to learn the language. You are making such a lot of exciting plans - you go girl. It's such fun to have great things to look forward to!

  4. Anonymous Tesso 

    Wow, its gonna be an exciting few months.

  5. Anonymous ewen 

    I hope you won't be off-air for too long Carolyne. Peter told me about your computer going missing. What a pain!

    Not long to go until the SSF!

  6. Anonymous Aki 

    Just for those who read Flashduck's blog, FD did have 3 computers go walkabout recently when a not so nice visitor/s went to her home. She ran a great race today at the Belconnen community fun run, and she discovered she will be able to get computer access at the gym she belongs to.

  7. Anonymous frydoug 

    And just a latest newsflash, that Flashduck picked up 3rd placing in the Masters category (Female) at the Bonshaw Cup 6.4km event. Wednesday 16th November.

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