November off to a good start

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Second day of the month, feeling good. Time to bring Plan E to the fore.

Primarily because of the good weather (26-27°C), I decided to resume using my bike for transport whenever possible. I rode out to the BBQ Stakes at Woden today, conscious that I would be very slow after last nights effort. Enjoyed the cycle, out on the bike path and arrived in plenty of time today. On registering, saw Bob’s friend and very talented Triathlete, Shell, who had recently started to work locally and was there for her first Stakes. Despite my protests, she left off my handicap (she did a formal brick session that morning, and was doing a run Time Trial that night), wanting an easy run. Perhaps because we were chatting, but I got around the course feeling more comfortable than during the Cross Country the previous night, with frequent spitting, but more regular breathing. At 31:17 for 6km, it is not good, but a slight improvement in time from the previous week when I was feeling shocking and trying hard.

Although I had thought about cycling home through the trails of Stromlo, my still uncut hair was driving me nuts. Changed my plans and rode along the Deakin Yarralumla Shores route to Civic to plead my case for another appointment. Thankfully, I was able to weasel my way in for Friday lunchtime – a successful outcome. I will be so relieved when it is thinner.

Having had perhaps the greatest night sweat in my life last night – four loads of washing – I didn’t think that I should ‘dive in at the deep end’ and go to the Bilby’s Swim Squad that night, although thought that I should test the waters. I suggested to Bob that I go along with him to the pool that night, but just swim and do a little to start with while he did the squad. All agreed, we spent Wednesday evening at the pool, which was a little like running central. I was interrupted (my foot was pulled at the turn) by those seeking to start the Females in Training (FIT) squad in my lane, and then the PRB, Aki, Rabbot and Roy B. were there were I got out at the conclusion of a 30 minute 1,000m. I got cold quickly though, and found my new secret weapon; breathing deeply in the steam room. I had been using the steam room to warm up for a while, but I found that if once I had returned to something resembling warm-bloodedness I took deep, controlled breaths it cleared my sinus’ and helped considerably. I had a couple of sessions of this and feel so much better!

I couldn’t find Aki and the PRB when I got out, and Bob’s squad was still going, so I did a few more laps, once again interrupted after 350m, this time by Bob who needed to go home. I steamed my nasal passages while he changed and I was smitten. A little bit of swimming and a bit of cycling for transportation everyday makes Carolyne a happy girl, and feeling very virtuous!

Run 6km
Cycle 32km
Swim 1,350m

Feeling Very Happy!

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