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I 'popped' out to do the BBQ Stakes at lunchtime - in the midst of much ado at home, I didn't have time to cycle (good thing too as it turned out; frequent heavy sun showers) and arrived when those off a handicap of 4 minutes were already out on the course.

I knew that I'd be slow - no stiffness in the legs, but a significant loss of leg speed. No problemo, all events done over the next 136 days (approximately) are leading up to the Six Foot Track next year. Once again I got faster as I went:

1k 5:57
2k 5:56 11:53
3k 5:34 17:27
4k 5:30 22:57
5k 4:42 27:39
6k 4:15 31:54

More encouragement for the long stuff! I spoke to Phibes briefly, and congratulated him on his well measured run in the Brindabella event. Then off quickly (there was light rain during the run) to get home and attend to the batch of bread dough I had left to rise. First, a diversion to drop a bag of T-Shirts into a charity bin, and to Rad's place to leave a far-too-big-for-me pair of knicks and jersey that he might be able to wear. I left the bag on Rad's doorstep and then - the car had died. I thought (hoped) that it was 'just' the battery, although my concerns about starting the car recently (never a problem after a long drive, frequently when not used for a day of three) had been dismissed by Bob as 'not being the battery' whenever I raised it.

With Rad off to the Masters Cycling Championships in Ballarat, I tried to ring Bob at home, and on his mobile with no luck. He had left for a cycle mid-morning, so this was a bit of a surprise. I started walking down to the nearest Service Station, which had a fair sized workshop, although my requests for a jump start were not met too favourably with the boss away. I gave Bob's cycling nephew Rob a call, but he wasn't able to help. Just as I thought about "holler for a Marshall", Bob returned my call (huff, puff, huff, huff) as he had cycled back into mobile range. He was still a little sceptical about the battery being responsible, but he was actually quite close by now, and we agreed to meet at the car. I walked back in light rain via the Hughes Bakery and bought a ricotta and spinach pastie and a couple of plain bread rolls for Bob to keep the wolf from the door.

I had just arrived at the car, and was putting the rear seat down for Bob to put his bike in the car out of the rain when he rolled up. A quick turn of the key convinced Bob that it was the battery! Thank heavens for mobiles, a quick call to Call Connect got us connected and a guy on the way ~ within an hour and a half.
It rained whilst we were waiting, both quite damp and under-dressed, but it was pleasant being together. Eventually it all got fixed, and we were on our way home, to move the washing now sodden from the rain, bread rolls over-riz, and showers much needed. It was nearly 6:00pm, so our planned Swim Squad tonight was off; a pity, but an easy decision to make. Tomorrow I hope to go for a swim in the morning and track in the evening. One thing urgently needs attention though: replacing the battery meant that the radio/CD player 'lost' its security code. Without it - nada. I've checked all the car's paperwork at home with no success . . . hopefully the dealer will be able to help, although I have a sinking feeling that the unit was replaced under warranty in Cairns. A car without sound is like a fish without a bicycle.

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  1. Anonymous 2P 

    Oooooo Six Foot - yes it is time to start preparing. I can start to feel a tingle of excitement.

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