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I am doing a few vaguely incompatible things at the moment; having eventually sourced the 20kgs of bread making flour that I wanted to make Bob's rolls for lunch (a mixture of soy, rye, linseed, and whole grains), I am in the process of bread roll production for a week or two's supply for Bob's lunch. This invariably means lots of dough under the finger nails and flour up to the elbows in the kneading process. Using Rye flour also means that I have quite a wet dough to begin with, which makes it a tad messier!

After having been unable to find my cycling gloves yesterday, I am clearing out my clothes from my study and doing a T-Shirt Audit. About this time last year, Bob and I tossed out around 100 T-Shirts (recycled them anyway). Although we got rid of so many, lots slipped through because of sentimental value (overseas events, or first something typically), despite being of poor quality and too large. (When will running and Triathlon event organisers realise that all entrants are unlikely to be XXL?). I've done /am doing lots of sorting out, but still haven't found my yellow cycling gloves.

Mega+++ Night Sweats last night; fairly predictable I suppose, although I am extremely tired after a very unrefreshing sleep. I changed the bedclothes a couple of times during the night, AND lay down on a towel, and still have a couple of loads of washing. My throat is better than when I went to bed last night although seems to deteriorate as soon as I start talking. Feel pretty good otherwise though.

I got cracking on Rad's Ravers Team for the Triple Tri yesterday, being concerned that the entry closing date was looming. It turns out that entries don't close until 11 November (what a significant date!). We have too many starters for one team, and not enough for two. I enjoyed myself so much last year; Bob was away Triathloning (Port Macquarie? Forster? Shepparton? Wherever there's a Half Ironman, there's Bob), with our team of Rad (Team Captain), Friar, Ron on the MTB for the 1st two legs, Caroline C. (not me) on the last bike leg, husband & wife Lindy & Peter for the swims and Ron's daughter Milli doing the long swim.

Rad was uncharacteristically injured, and I got the go ahead (sort of) to run for the first time in 7 weeks since my op. from the doctor 4 days beforehand. (Surgeon: "I'd take it easy. Don't do a half marathon or anything" Me:thinks "It's only 20km . . .). I did the first run, and then Rad's last leg. I was looking jealously as Mister G was warming up to do his second of all three legs. Next year . . .

So, Friar is a possible non-starter due to a family visit to Sydney, although is really integral to the team. Rad has run the first and 2nd legs in previous years and is keen to now do the third. I am keen to do all run legs. We are lacking some (slow and social cyclists and swimmers) for two teams, but at the moment it looks like:
Rad's Ravers - A Team
Swim #1 1.5k Peter D
MTB #1 35k Michael D
Run #1 20k The PRB
Swim #2 3.5k Lindy D
MTB #2 40k ??
Run #2 12k Friar
Swim #3 1.2k ??? Peter D
MTB # 3 24k ???
Run #3 13k Rad

Rad's Raver - B Team (Family Brent/Harlow/Kramar)
Swim #1 1.5k Milli
MTB #1 35k Ron
Run #1 20k Carolyne
Swim #2 3.5k Milli
MTB #2 40k Bob
Run # 2 12k Carolyne
Swim #3 1.2k Milli
MTB #3 24k Ron
Run #4 13k Carolyne

Looks good, and at the moment I can't wait! Later!

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  1. Anonymous cj 

    I'm still feeling quite stiff but have improved on yesterday. I don't think I'm made for downhill running (well that's my excuse!). I think the banner features hot chocolate but it could be mocha!

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