Is that a muscle I feel?

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More of an effect from the Bulls Head downhill today than any other recent run (Sydney, Fitzroy Falls), however nothing that can be interpreted as stiff, sore or even tender muscles. Did you know I love downhills?

Worked my way through a long “To Do” list today, not completing it, however making significant inroads. Joined Bob for lunch at home today – yep, I actually ate some Turkish bread straight out of Mama’s oven at the Turkish Pide House at Jamieson. Bob had strongly recommended that I didn’t run today, and whilst I don’t take all (or much!) of his advice, I listened to him today. I had hoped to go for a decent cycle, however the great conditions for the run yesterday had vanished overnight in a swirl of storms, rain and hail. Being the wimp I am, I didn’t venture out into the tempest on the bike. I felt great after yesterday – no muscle soreness again (I’m sure that there is something wrong with me!), however that annoying headache on the right temple persisted all day. The large quantities of Imodium I necessarily take may be acting as a diuretic as causing me to be effectively dehydrated after these events.

Both Bob and I bit the bullet and committed ourselves to attend our first Bilby's swim squad at CISAC (Canberra International Sports and Aquatic Centre). We didn’t know anybody there well, and I was by far the slowest swimmer in the slowest lane, but enjoyed the discipline of getting there. Bob pulled me out before the end of the set, us both having swum 1,800m on this occasion, and look forward to attending again on Wednesday and future Monday evenings.

I’m still concerned about the PRB bonking after 17kms or so during long runs. He certainly has the ability and the endurance base to continue at the same level, but is running short of nutrition or has suspect iron levels or something. I’m very keen to keep running with him, especially over the longer distances such as the Cotter runs (15, 18 and 21 miles) in preparation for the six foot track.

Tomorrow – Lake Ginninderra Stakes at lunchtime with Bob.

3 Responses to “Is that a muscle I feel?”

  1. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    You are amazing Ducky - what is your secret? I'm hoping to do this run next year; I expect that I won't be able to walk for a week!!

    Very glad to hear that you pulled up well.


  2. Anonymous minersrun 

    looks like I'm a wimp with you - I won't go out in that weather and get the nice bike all muddy!

  3. Anonymous CJ 

    Carolyne, what is your secret - I am suffering quite badly with stiff, sore muscles. I almost fell out of bed this morning when trying to get up - my legs just didn't want to cooperate! Then I looked like a little hunched up old lady hobbling to the toilet! I don't think i like downhill running very much :(

    As for your omelette recipe - that was great. I made it Sunday night with stuff I had in the fridge so there were some variations but essentially the same. Loved it - it was yummo!

    Fimally....I'd be interested in doing Cotter runs too, if that's ok.

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