Fitzroy Falls from 35km Drink Station

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After my diluted coke (“would you like ice with that?”!) I felt absolutely marvellous. I knew that I wasn’t going to go fast, but I felt really comfortable just plodding along. I maintained a steady pace, despite it being predominately uphill. The last 5kms were marked, with big smiley faces to indicate that there were ‘Only 4kms to go!’ Along here I saw a vision ahead walking, and thought that it may have been a freshened up PRB. It was, and he took off his warm top and jogged alongside me the few kilometres to the finish. This was great and although there must’ve been a thin constant trickle of runners coming through, the few sightseers at the lookout and walking along the track were very surprised to see us.

Coming up to the finish was an amazing, almost tear producing experience. Despite rolling on to something like 4 ½ hours, a huge contingent of blue and yellow garbed Cool Runners cheering and waving pom poms. The cry of ‘Go FlashDuck” led me to form my arms into wings and attempt to flap my way to the finish! I must have just hit the lap button and not stopped my watch so I am unsure of my time. I think that I was about 49th overall, from (maybe 80) starters. Normally my goal is to finish in the top 50% of the field, however given that in no sense was I racing I was pleased. Four and a half hours was the dream, so I can’t complain!

Loved talking to others at the finish, especially Expozay and Eagle, although the many glasses of water I had at the end started to tell on me and despite loving the conversation I started to feel very green again and inelegantly brought it up alongside my car. They politely excused themselves and I sat in the car for a while and pulled off my wet clothes and put on some dry shorts and top.

I grabbed a FortiJuice and joined the Cool Runners sitting on the grass under the Marquee with a great picnic spread of goodies from Lucky Legs. I made a few faux pas’ while on the Cool running blanket, not recognising runners with their clothes on! I could present Lucky Legs with her Canberra Times Cap for being part of the winning team, and in my attempt to get her Polar S625x up and running to its full potential, seemed to cement my image as a fully fledged gadget girl!

We waited until the last runner finished, something over the 5 and ½ hour cut-off, and then for the sweepers. Soon after, the presentations were underway. It got very cold all of a sudden, and I threw on the first warm top I had at hand. The sip of FortiJuice didn’t agree with me, and I was feeling green again. Jo Blake smashed the course record in winning, and presentations including spectacular bouquets of waratahs, as well as baskets of local wine and confectionary. I picked up third woman (how, I don’t know!) and another bottle of wine and Waratah as first woman over 40. Fantastic!

In saying our goodbyes I couldn’t keep the FortiJuice down any longer and found an appropriate patch of garden. The PRB kindly carried my booty to the car, and ensured that I was safely on my way. It was a good drive back to Canberra, and was delighted to see Bob when I returned.

What a great course, and a great day! Fully recommend it and hope to be back for the great country hospitality next year!!

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  1. Anonymous Tesso 

    Huuuuge congrats FD! I've been waiting anxiously for the conclusion to your story, and it sure was worth the wait. I especially loved the bit about the flapping duck arms at the end. What a scream!

    It sounds like a fantastic event, especially the LuckyLegs food at the end .... maybe that's the secret of your speedy recovery :-)

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