What a Difference a Day Makes

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2005 10 12 What a Difference a Day Makes . . .
♫♪ What a difference a day makes / twenty four, little hours ♫♪♪
(with more of a nod to the Pet Shop Boys than Doris Day!)

Yesterday, well, yesterday I got up, had a bath and was so exhausted that I couldn’t finish dressing and ended back in bed for most of the day.  Painful arms and hands, with especially tender elbows.

Today, slept heaps and groggy when I awoke, but felt really good after that.  Got underway to do more bed research, run the BBQ Stakes if I had a chance, and get back into life.  It (life that is) has been very successful!  Made a few appointments that I had needed to cancel over the crook period (de-fur: tomorrow afternoon; Dentist: 3rd November; Orthothes check-up: Next Wednesday).  No luck with the fluffy duck hair-do though, so I’ll just act like some sweet egg based cocktail.

Bob had lost his keys riding to work this morning (Don’t Panic Lucy), so I spent quite a bit of time searching for them without success.  He retraced his steps (or wheel revolutions) at lunchtime and found them on a construction site median strip where they had bounced out.  I started off my correct handicap at the Stakes (although the number of fast, fast runners heading off before me were a bit of a concern) figuring that I may as well be re handicapped properly.  There was one other runner off my handicap of 12:30 and I was interested that for the first couple of hundred metres there wasn’t much difference between us, despite my bad run of late.  He predictably put a lot of  time between us whenever there was a slight incline (and a far greater gap as the hills got steeper!), but I was feeling incredibly fresh and light of legs.  My breathing was a bit noisy, but none of the wheezing or difficulty in breathing I had been having.  

Woo Hoo!

I did a speed session at Woden library on my way through and arbitrarily borrowed a stack of books from the 796.42 shelf (running) and a couple picked up at 915.9 (Travel – Asia).  Partly motivation for me, and mainly to assist me embark upon the ‘training’ of Aki.  A Four Hour Marathon in Four Months was selected on the basis of marathon-type training for half marathon success.  I look forward to checking them out.

When trawling the web (I found a start-up budget airline with flights from Bangkok to Hanoi for US$25) I chanced across the ING Thailand Temple Run which (just happens to be on the Sunday after we arrive on we arrive (very late) on the Wednesday night.  We weren’t planning on staying around Bangkok and were just using it as a staging post for our travel into Laos and Vietnam.  There is a half marathon being held as well, which goes past 10 temples on each way of the out-and-back course.  Interesting prospect.  Must see what there is to do in the area for a start.  We plan on travelling very light, so we would post our race shoes back.  Bob thinks of all sorts of minutiae when planning such things.

I’ve lost my train of thought, so will post this instead of just sitting looking at it.  

4 Responses to “What a Difference a Day Makes”

  1. Anonymous Kit 

    Wow a half through Thailand would be fantastic... very humid! I am green with envy... I loved vietnam and Laos is high up there on the list of places to go!

  2. Anonymous Tesso 

    What timing! The Thai Temple run has been on my 'list' for years.

    Hmmm, maybe take an old pair of shoes and ditch them post run.

  3. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    I'm really glad to hear that you are back on your feet Ducky. The Half marathon in Thailand sounds incredible. See you on Saturday,


  4. Anonymous friar 

    Another option is a "feel good" suggestion.

    Give your used shoes to one of the local kids.

    Might make or encourage a future champion.

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