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I had a long awaited appointment for a haircut today – and although I can pass muster when it is just washed, it is also much needed.  I felt shocking when I awoke though, and after struggling out of bed and stripping the night-sweat-again sheets, could only manage to throw down a doona on the bed and a sheet on top before crawling back in bed and drifting in and out of consciousness again.

My joints are very painful once more, along with groin and underarm pain from swollen glands and extensive lethargy.  With some reluctance, I stumbled down to the pathologists for my bloods to be drawn before lunchtime, and returned to bed.  Bob cancelled my hair cut (it could be months before another appointment is available, so be warned of the fluffy headed duck) and I spent most of the day in a dopey haze, listening to the One Day Super Series on ABC Radio.  

So ~ nothing much to report today, and probably for the next few days.  My hands are particularly bad, and I find that I can’t pick up a cup or kettle.  My typing skills are slowed to a couple of fingers, so I won’t continue.  I will improve but I’ll just have to ride it out!

5 Responses to “Boring Blog”

  1. Anonymous cj 

    Take care - doesn't sound like much fun at the moment. It sounds like you are one tired little duck. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Anonymous Jen_runs 

    Sorry to hear that you aren't well at the moment Duckie. Take care of yourself and get lots of rest. Hope you feel better very soon.


  3. Anonymous Friar 

    We miss you and feel an empathy with you being down in the dumps.

    Take stock and recover soon.

  4. Anonymous Friar 

    We miss you, and need you back for your company, advice and cheerful abandon.

    Hope you get well soon.

  5. Anonymous aki 

    Both Supermum and I hope you get well soon, and so do all the Custom Joggers. Lake Burley Griffin needs another duck to float on it and I hope to make this into reality sometime.

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