Stiff and Sore Joints

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An unexpected day, not exciting in a conventional sense, although I am feeling very chipper now as I am feeling refreshed and healthy. I woke quite early feeling good, although was not at all tempted to join Bob on his ride with the Tridents on the Old Federal Hwy Time Trial Course.

It was a wonderful surprise to see the new banner that Hannah had prepared for me. I spent a
little bit of time changing my blog to it’s new clean style. I put on my swimming costume and prepared to go down to the pool earlyish before it was overrun with too many children. With the gear in the car (still too cold for me to cycle wet) I suddenly got extremely nauseous and started vomiting. No idea why, just out of the blue.
While still green around the gills, Bob rang from a noisy Tilley's Devine Cafe where a few had stopped for breakfast. I wasn’t swimming anytime soon, so looking fine for the pool, but super daggy, I drove down with a bucket next to me just in case.

Danealle, Jude and Pete were there with Bob – Bob characteristically eating Pete’s breakfast!

I swung by the pool on the way back, but the overflow car park was overflowing . . . I was not over optimistic about doing too many laps, my hands and fingers were really stiff and sore. My fingers stiffen up when I swim when I’m not relaxed anyway, so I thought that the Spa and Steamroom were more likely to get a workout. With the crowds everywhere, I merely filled up with petrol, cleaned the car, and bought another week or two supply of Imodium. Bob was knackered, and lay down for an afternoon snooze. Although just ‘keeping him company’ I slept for far longer and even though I had lost the day, felt so much better.

Tomorrow, I shall go along with friends to the Women and Girls Jogalong, for a social occasion rather than a race. Hopefully this good feeling will last and I can give the
10k on Monday a bit of a go.

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  1. Anonymous Lulu 

    Love the new banner. She is a very talented gal that Hannah!

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