The final run

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To finish the epic of the WDC race, I rather enjoyed the 2nd run, whether only through comparison with how I felt on the cycle or not, I'm not sure! I crossed the line in about 3 hours 10 minutes, a full 25 minutes slower than in April! I felt fine at the end, would have loved a bit more of a run, and when I stopped to take off my chip, the sweat started pouring off. Even if this sounds a bit gross, it was a great relief after my failure to sweat and gooseflesh during the later 2/3rds of the event.
I walked past the medical tent en route to the recovery area for a drink, where there were no fewer than 35 competitors on drips ~ almost 5%! I tossed down lots of water, and was surprised to see so many people still milling around. I found out from a guy from Adelaide ("Wellsy") how Bob went; the Aussie's missed out on the top 3 positions in the M55 age group, but were tight for 4th, 5th and 6th, Bob hanging on to 5th place.
One thing I am sure about - I would have preferred to have run a marathon (make it 55) any day in preference!
I didn't want to shock my system with unaccustomed solids, even fruit, so grabbed my backpack from the compound and took it back to Team Australia Central Marquee to crack a FortiJuice. Then something slightly unnerving happened, chatting amicably with Jude one minute, after I had ingested some FortiJuice I became extremely dizzy, hot, vision blacked out, and so on. I stumbled into the marquee and sat down, then found a space on the grass to lie on. After the marathon an exaggerated version of this happened when I was sitting on a concrete block and swallowed my first bite of a Pria bar. On that occasion I dropped the bar and phone in my hands on the ground, blacked out and (according to Bob) was drained of colour.
After a bit of time, the Team Doctor checked to see if I wanted to lie on a massage table instead of the ground (I liked the ground) and he checked my blood pressure. (lowish). I recovered OK, but it seems as though after extended exertion I have some paradoxical hypotension induced by food. It's a shame - it would seem to make sense to have some calories after three hours of exercise . . . .

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  1. Blogger strewth 

    Well done Flash Duck on an amazing achievement in a very tough event in difficult circumstances. Your courage is inspirational. Congratulations! Do hope you are now planning some rest and recovery. Look forward to meeting you for coffee soon.

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