Road Trip with Rad

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with Bob up in Newcastle early, Rad arranged to pick me up at 9:00am to drive to Newcastle where we were both to compete in the Duathlon. As usual, he was on time, and I spent a few extra minutes ensuring that Lucy was well catered for (a neighbour shall come and feed and cuddle her each day), the house was locked, rubbish out and all the usual catastrophe. We swung by the local (discount) pharmacy for me to pick up an extra supply of imodium and were off - for some reason I decided to try a new route out of Canberra through Gungahlin and along Horse Paddock Drive to the Federal Highway. I have cycled this way a few times (in a roundabout fashion) and just followed my nose. With the new suburbs and streets constantly changing around here too much forward planning probably wouldn't have been of much use anyway. This route bypassed many traffic lights and the potential traffic problems of Northbourne Avenue and deserves future consideration.

I drove through to Newcastle, and enjoyed the opportunity. Rad and I spent a lot of time discussing future race and travel options and plans overseas which is always exciting. Travel through north west Sydney wasn't too bad, and we arrived in Newcastle around 2:30pm. Bob rang as we were in reception, and we greeted each other as though we hadn't seen each other for months. Aaah ~ young love.

After the unpacking ritual, I thought that Rad may have needed a rest, and grabbed my backpack and went for a walk. Far from being aimless, I did not have a plan, and after grabbing a drink decided on the spur of the moment not to head towards the redeveloped area and walked up towards the athletics field with the slightly aging blue track. I was quite impressed with Newcastle when I was here in April, and I love walking around 'new' places. I think that I have always been a good tourist in my own city, and within Australia. Through walking up quiet streets and following my nose to the scent of jasmine, or the glint of an old stained glass window I saw some wonderful streetscapes and really got a good sense of place. Before I knew it, the sky was darkening and my radio tuned into Radio National was well through the current affairs show 'PM'. I headed back, if not quite lost, then not heading in the most direct direction back to the hotel. My black clothes were not ideal, at least the cycling backpack I had was highly reflective. It was a beautiful night, and the early evening buzz of the Beaumont St restaurants was exciting, the orange and red striated sky dramatic.

Back in the hotel just before 7:00pm, Rad had left for dinner and I was pleased with my 'adventure' which reminds me so much of what I do when I'm travelling.

Low battery!

6 Responses to “Road Trip with Rad”

  1. Blogger Jen_runs 

    I love young love stories - keep them up !!


  2. Blogger strewth 

    Glad you had such a good trip FD. Have a wonderful time in Newcastle and best of luck in the weekend. Hope the cycle goes well!

  3. Blogger Friar 

    Good luck to all from Canberra in the Champs.

    You'll have plenty of time for further explorations, so enjoy, but keep focused on the main event

  4. Blogger Lulu 

    Ah.. a fellow RN listener.. now I know there's at least 3 of us, including Mr Lulu!

  5. Blogger miners 

    All the very best for your weekend there in Newcastle Carolyne. Race well and enjoy the King Edwards Park hills. Would love to be down there for it

  6. Blogger CJ 

    Hi Carolyne - glad to hear you've made it to Newcastle, settled in and feeling good. My ankle is feeling a lot better - still a little swollen and a lovely purple colour! Good luck for Saturday, though i hope we get to read more blog entries before then! Have you tried the coffee there yet?

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