Taste Testing at the Cafe at Lindt's

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Monday, 12 September

It was a tough assignment, but one that had to be done! As I was eating, and it was necessary for me to meet the CR Gals Jen and The Owl at the Lindt Cafe in Martin Place. Bob was heading off to West Head for a cycle, so I walked across the bridge again, the wind billowing, and around the harbour before heading up to Martin Place. The (breakfast) menu was surprisingly enticing, there were many things that appealed to me, and I did have a hard time deciding, eventually settling on toasted fig and walnut bread, and espresso and mineral water. It took me right back to my time in Firenze where I lived very much as a local, and loved it. The fig bread had run out so, I opted for sour cherry toast instead and was delighted.

Jen arrived, followed by the Owl, and I had a wonderful time. In the interests of scientific research, I then ordered a Dark Hot Chocolate, as did the Owl. To our surprise, this was served as a jug of heated milk and two small jugs of melted, runny dark chocolate. We tested a few alternative methods of preparing this in our cups; simultaneously pouring in the chocolate and milk; adding the chocolate to the milk and so on. We both agreed that it was good. Eyeing Jen's mocha though, with shavings of real chocolate strewn over the top, was too tempting and I tried one of these as well. My verdict was that the mocha won hands down! Of course for a truly scientific result, it will alas need to be repeated.

2 Responses to “Taste Testing at the Cafe at Lindt's”

  1. Blogger Jen_runs 

    Scientific research requires testing and re-testing in order to make sure the results are correct. You know what that means? A Lindt excellence 70% chocolate tart with mocha chaser is my next taste testing experience ;-)


  2. Blogger CJ 

    It sounds divine and I just have to get there....and soon!

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