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The more people wearing Cool Running kit in the Canberra Times Fun Run the merrier! I am sorry Griffin that you are not 'formally' in the CR Team ~ maybe next year? I know that Friar will be proudly sporting the #1 bib, hopefully others will also wear their gear.

I'm trying not to be too concerned about how little I am able to do with the Sydney Marathon now less than a week away. I had only vague plans for the weekend; a cycle with Sarah was cancelled when her back gave way, and I had thought about going to the Jogalong on Sunday. Fortunately, I hadn't made arrangements to collect Aki for the Jogalong, or SlowJo from the airport. Consequently, I returned to bed early on Saturday afternoon and slept for nearly four sweaty hours. Despite going to bed early that night (I was tired, again!), I slept a great deal once again, only crawling out of bed after 10:00am because the I was cold in the wet bedclothes I had already changed twice during the night. To quote vat_man, "night sweats suck"!

More sleep on Sunday afternoon, another early night, and another three-load-of-washing night. I did get out on the road bike on Saturday for a gentle burl, however this was a double edged sword, as my gut problems reared up to bite me on the bum, resulting in the need to return home quickly, uncomfortably and with great fatigue. I have an appointment to see the specialist surgeon in Sydney on the Tuesday following the marathon. He is a good bloke, had a battery of tests with him about a decade ago, with a resultant operation in Canberra. The condition has significantly deteriorated however, and I am getting really fed up with not being fed up, and still having problems. It does get me down when I am doing everything I can without relief.

So, on a less whinging note, I shall plan to get out on the mountain bike (in it's current guise as gentle street cruising machine, rather than wild off-road beast) and have a gentle cruise over the Floriade Customs course. I shall try to head off as early as possible, once the last load of washing is hung out!

5 Responses to “Wishy washy”

  1. Blogger Tesso 

    FD, very much looking forward to catching up again next Sunday.

    Hope your week improves and you get to the start line feeling fresh and relaxed and ready for a great run.

    PS A little whinging never goes astray, especially if it makes you feel better :-)

  2. Blogger Jen_runs 

    It's your blog FD; you can whinge if you want to :-) Besides it generally makes you feel a little better.

    Rest up FD; you've already done all the hard work. J

  3. Blogger Aki 


    Resting up is good, I don't need to tell you that anything you do now won't influence how you go on Sunday.

    Maybe get Bob to wach the bedsheets sometime ;) never know, it might help! :evil:):

  4. Blogger Cirque 

    You have every right to whinge. It sounds like you're going through a really tough time medically, and it always seems doubly unfair when you do all the right things to look after yourself. Feel free to vent here whenever you like!

  5. Blogger speedygeoff 

    As long as Team Moore wear green shoes, they can have CR gear as well.

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