What a lot of wattle!

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I feel almost suspicious about saying it, but I think that I am over the hump of the lurgy. Spent the whole out and about yesterday after a frenetic morning spent baking another batch of breadrolls for Bob. It was lovely having coffee with Strewth and CJ as I collected signatures for our small (but very select) Cool Running team for the Canberra Times Fun Run. It was a good ruse to have such a good time!

Bob was helping out in the electorate office again today while the staff were on a course, and I found whilst up to my elbows in dough that he had left his mobile phone at home. With it running hot during the lead-up to the Duathlon Worlds and I knew I had to do a mercy dash soon. I had arranged to pick Bob up in the afternoon, after I had an appointment in Civic, however he had to squeeze in a telephone conference call for the Worlds first, and he changed as I drove to the AIS Track. I thought that the woman in the car behind me must have been very envious, as this good looking guy beside me was flinging socks, his shirt, and underwear into the back of the car as we were driving.

We arrived in the nick of time to see the usual suspects, and in cool conditions which had the hint of spring, had an excellent Team Moore session in the twilight and under lights at this excellent facility. Music was so-so tonight (OK, but nothing spectacular), but we were back to doing relays (Yay!) which were even more enjoyable on the good even surface of the track instead of the uneven grassy potholes at Dickson. After warm-ups, we had a relay of 10 x 100m in two teams of 5. I don't mind 100's at all, and with 4 other relay runners to wait for, it permitted good recovery between sets. I wish it wouldn't finish (in fact, in my numerically challenged state, I didn't know it had), although Bob had to leave early with a pulled glute/top hamstring strain during his third change. He was only wearing shorts, and after a busy day may have been inadequately warmed up. There was ice available to put on straight away, so I hope that it is nothing too serious.

Thankfully, my feelings of well being during the day extended to the track that night, and I managed to get through without drama. Phew! On returning home (thanks to a lift from the PPRB) I had just constructed dinner for Bob when Aki rang and we caught up on things. Hopefully I should also see her today at the Customs run. I have not had a chance to catch up on Cool Running, my blog, or those of others at all! I feel as though I am missing a limb, but it is better than being asleep!

Now to somehow balance doing enough to assist my confidence, whilst not overdoing it over the next week. I'm looking forward to a cycle with JTI on Saturday. Hopefully the weather will be OK.

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