Not tapering, wavering

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Although I am not consciously tapering at the moment, my caution at getting sick or injured in resulting in lots of rest and little activity. I still have an (occasional) cough that Bob insists sounds like a sick dog dying. I'm usually OK until I lie down, or get too dry in the throat. I'm sleeping a lot, and a cut on my finger from a week ago still bleeds, so I'm being careful.

Managed to make by the skin of my teeth to Customs at lunchtime, and was told with some disbelief by allrounder that my handicap was 6:15. The clock had already ticked over 10 minutes, and although not in PB form (or mood), I thought that going off somewhere around allrounder (12:15) and Aki (12:45) would be reasonable. My lack of preparedness ensured the later time, and I needed to tie a top in hand around my waist and hope for the best and we headed off into the path of a truck and trailer reversing.

Allrounder's report of the run is far better than anything I could reproduce,

Mike had put his foot down too and i could hear FD gaining ground...under the bridge we went then as we were approaching Regatta Point, FD called out to me asking if i'd ever broken 23:00, i managed to gasp out a "No" and she said "keep going you're on track" (how can anyone talk in full sentences at that pace??!)...not long after i passed Mike then FD passed me going around the was all i could do to try and stay in contact with her...up the mini hill with shorter strides but a faster tempo, then onto the grass and around the picnic building (i don't know what else to call it)...straight onto the path and a sprint for home...encouragement from the Friar spurred me on & i finished about 20-25m behind Flash as the clock ticked over 35:08...

I was pleased with my clock time of 22:18, even more so when I checked my split times on my watch and found that my halfway split was 11:09.5, and finish was 22:17.5. Not much, but I'll take the 1 second negative split! Had a great chat to allrounder after about the Test . . . I was ruing the need go to a 'meet the Canberra Duathlon World Championships Team Members' gathering at a bar this evening from 7:30pm. 7:30!! I'd miss the whole first session! As it was, it was so noisy that there wasn't much meeting going on. In response to a mime from another, I remembered the sound meter on my phone. The general buzz was around 100 db, with it peaking above that.

Saturday, the plug in my throat continues, and after a bath I was so overcome with tiredness that I crawled back into bed and slept for another four or five hours while Bob was out at the ACTVCC Criterium at the Sutton Driver Trainer Centre. I still plan to do the Vets Half tomorrow, although I feel far from sparking. The weather is forecast to be spectacular ~ it won't last, but I'll try to take it while I can.

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  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    I can't imagine what a Flash Duck's cough sounds like, but get rid of it as soon as you can! Hope all's well to come to Sydney, FD.

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