We apologise for this break in transmission . . .

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No ill effects from the long run on Tuesday; the shoes held up well over the distance/time, even though I was aware of feeling the ground under my toes towards the end, they will be fine for 'racing' (in my fashion) longer distances. Other than a little tension in the groin (Omigod! I'm turning into a footbrawler!), there was no stiffness or soreness. I had nothing planned for Tuesday, and knew that I could take a day off without concern. The Tuesday morning group at Black Mountain Peninsula had slipped under my radar, again.

Wednesday was a different matter however. Yesterday I was aware of an increasingly creaking neck with my shoulder joint making the most wonderfully dramatic cracking noises during normal movement. Usual for my knees, but this was new and weird. Slight headache. Overnight it deteriorated; accompanied by drenching night sweats of an intensity I hadn't experienced for a while. Yeach.

Woke up with hideous localised pain on the right side of the head. Sensitive to light, sound, and nauseous. It wasn't a migraine however, just a big pain. Made a cup of coffee, but didn't drink it before I lay down in bed again, dropping into a forced sleep. This continued for most of the day. I was only vaguely aware that there was this white stuff falling from the sky. Sometimes showers of the tiniest white hail, then sleet, then fine, thin snow. Not a bad day to forcibly reschedule my plan to run the BBQ Stakes and then run back home.

Around 4:00pm I woke again, feeling surprisingly normal. Weak, but no great pain in the head. I had better get into the fluids, get warm, and try to catch up on the last two days.

5 Responses to “We apologise for this break in transmission . . .”

  1. Blogger CJ 

    Hope you're feeling much better - fingers crossed you'll be okay for Sunday! Take care.

  2. Blogger Aki 


    However today was really no day to run. Looks like we've coincided 'no running' days with each other again. :)

  3. Blogger Hannah 

    Ouch! That sounds awful! Maybe you trapped a nerve or something.... anyway, glad you're feeling better!

  4. Blogger allrounder 

    you were much better off inside from the sounds of all that...

    at least it seems to have sorted itself out...hope you are good for Customs Joggers then the C2S...

  5. Anonymous Anonymous 

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