Cool Running the BBQ Stakes

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The excellent run of good weather continues.

At the BBQ Stakes today were Friar, Phibes, FlashDuck and a debut by SpeedyGeoff. No sign of CJ today, but the CR's are starting to be a presence.

After running last week and coming in under the handicap time, I was whacked a full minute this week to give a handicap time of 12:15. As CJ has run faster, and was off 12:00 (but she didn't show - probably too busy drinking coffee and eating chocolate), this was a surprise. SpeedyGeoff, a longtime Canberra runner turned up for his first BBQ Stakes event, although I am sure that it shall not be his last. Uncertain of the route, he left with me, however speedy by name, and speedy by nature, he was off within the first kilometre disappearing into the distance. I must have gained strength on the hills, for I passed more people than I was passed today, a little surprising given the solid, mountainous workout yesterday.

I stuffed up my watch (very unlike me), however think that I had a net time of about 28:30, which I am happy with.

I drove over to the foothills of Mt Taylor again, this time exploring some of the streets of Pearce which back onto the trails. I parked near one access point, however the homeowner drove out and checked me out very carefully, no doubt thinking I was up to no good! Having tried out the Asics Forster Gel shoes during the Stakes (love 'em), I changed into more heavy duty Nimbus VI for part II of the day's run. Dry socks, a cycling singlet (dry and more respectable), and the now ubiquitous phone in the fuel belt. I found that I was not too far from the position I stood at during the handicap race on Sunday, and decided to do some more exploration. Across Athllon Drive to Farrer Ridge, where I just followed my nose. Back to Mt Taylor and a clockwise loop, this time taking in a narrow goat track on a ridge-line and down to a gully.

Another 11km, again feeling stronger and runner better as the time wore on. I love that feeling. Only stopped as I had promised Bob that I would be home at 3:15. A total of 17kms for the day, and the rain is still holding off.

3 Responses to “Cool Running the BBQ Stakes”

  1. Blogger speedygeoff 

    I thought ducks liked rain? Anyway if you do, there's plenty out there now.

  2. Blogger allrounder 

    i was at farrer ridge for O between about 12.40 and was good weather while i was out there and a good workout too...

  3. Blogger CJ 

    Hi, I'm still around just feeling a little deflated and sorry for myself due to a whole range of reasons including a niggly hip flexor. So no running at the moment. But you sound like you're running well and consistently which is a good thing.

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