Another glorious winter day

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I managed to squeeze in a visit to Canberra's Runners Shop between an appointment and the BBQ Stakes this morning. I was looking (again) for another pair of triathlon style shorts, lycra with a light fleece cycling pad. I have an old pair of Netti's, and a newish pair of Ironman ones picked up at the Expo in Hobart. They are quite unflattering, have no pockets, but I find them supremely comfortable to wear. Both pairs are so thin and discoloured now that I wear the two pairs together, and wash each day. Options were limited, but I came away with another Ironman pair . . . they feel tight, but I remember that the compression was tight in the dim distant past on my others.

While there, I sought out the lairy Asics gel Forster shoes to Tri (joke, Joyce). After running Canberra in my size 18 Nimbus VI's, and enjoying the lightness of being when wearing my no support flats, I had been thinking for a while that I would like something somewhere in the middle. I'd gladly wear flats, indeed I have opted for them in halves and shorter distances on road for years, but I know that it is unwise for me to flog my unstable feet over longer distances. Bob swears by the Forster as a lightweight trainer (rather than racer), and he has a stable of uphill running shoes, downhill shoes, and racing and training shoes in every weight and for every condition. I normally like to be individual, however I have been very impressed with the weight and support of this shoe.

As usual, Asics had changed the colour range again, and the new shoes I found especially pukesome - green and blue (that was OK), with a non-Skarmel friendly pink screaming at the toe box. Fortunately, there was a superseded colour schema in my size on special - the only problem being distinguishing them from Rob's on our overloaded and shared wall mounted running shoe rack in the storeroom opposite where our four bikes are hung.

At the BBQ Stakes I was off a handicap of 11:15, and lots of others shared this start time. We seemed to split roughly into three groups, with me in the middle. I had no intention of chasing the fast guys who were obviously foxing a bit with their handicap today. I toddled along, with some of those off earlier handicaps coming into sight. I felt strong, if not fast, on the Waldock St hill passing a few earlier runners. The triumvirate of Terry, Andrew and John from the 11:15 group were comfortable and running together as a group. I started to pass a few more early starters, even on the hilly part up Oakey Hill. It seems that after a slow start when returning to running in April last year, that my (up) hill legs are finally starting to come back. About time!

Continued to run passed people, and although my breathing seemed noisy, my heart rate was still only around 70% of max. I was sure that some guy had overtaken me early, and it wasn't until I came down the final hill through the underpass that I realised that I was in front. Woo Hoo! That's the good news. But I was 10 seconds behind CJ's (recent) time, and broke 39:30, so was ineligible to win. So it's not really bad, Bad News. Hopefully CJ and I can urge each other along some time.

After diverting via the Chifley shops to buy some drinks as I had left mine at home, I parked at the top of Waldock St and prepared myself for a Mt Taylor ramble. It was a glorious winter day! A bit breezy at some times, but glorious nevertheless. I strapped on my fuel belt, with a car key and phone (tuned in to the radio), and planned to run for an hour at the McMillan calculator pace for an easy run of 5:28. Travelling clockwise, I was once again astounded at the number of tennis courts backing on to Mt Taylor reserve. Rostered to do duty at the Vets run this Sunday, I was to miss this course so followed the northern trail down to Athlon Drive and then returned up the sealed road to the horse paddocks. I flirted briefly with the idea of continuing across to Farrer and Isaacs Ridge, however I had a one hour plan and thought I should stick with it.

After backtracking, I circumnavigated the base of Mt Taylor along the trails skirting Sulwood Drive. Back at the car too early, I followed the route of the 3rd kilometre of the BBQ Stakes course to where it joined the bike path, returning by this route. I pushed a bit on the last bit, covering 11 kms in 1 hour 12 seconds. 5:28 pace precisely.

I'm pretty happy with today, a recent BBQ Stakes PB, although one that I should be able to shake a bit. Loved the Mt Taylor loop, although wish I could have run longer. Run. Rest. I'm a slow learner, but I'm learning.

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  1. Blogger Aki 

    Sounds like a good day, Mt Taylor needs some more running friends.

  2. Blogger miners 

    Certainly did sound like a good day.

    While I acutally LIKE the colours of the Forster Tri shoe (both models), I refuse to buy a pair until they change their name to the Port Macquarie Tri shoe ;)

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