Canberra Times Cool Running Team?

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Feel excellent after yesterdays run, and feel that I am on track for the Sydney Marathon. What are quads? No ill effects at all. These longer trail runs really suit me!

I had mentioned to Aki on Friday an idea I had about the number of (female) Cool Runners coming out of the shadows in Canberra recently. How about entering as a social club in the Canberra Times Fun Run on 18 September? The idea wouldn't be to win (Allycat take note!), but as an esprit de corps, and a demonstration of the community we have developed on-line. From the top of my head; allrounder, Aki, CJ, JTI, Strewth, Alleycat, Southy, and (me) are Cool Runners. OK, so Southy is elite and likely to be snapped up for a winning team (with her ultra talented daughter), JTI isn't able to run at the moment, and many of us will be a week after the Sydney Marathon/Half Marathon. But the idea would be for fun, not glory!

I have only listed the women, what about the blokes??? Add allrounders housemate, and we have a team!

Idea #2 is to get JTI and Aki into a team for a duathlon. With her wedding only days away, I haven't broached this with her yet!
I would have loved to get out for a run/cycle/swim today, however there were appointments and meetings which made this impossible unless I ventured out in the pre-dawn sub-zero gloom. Better runners than me did this!!
Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a funeral in the afternoon, and will then head up to Sydney first thing of Wednesday morning for Bob to meet with people in the Triathlon Australia office. We will stay Wednesday and Thursday night and head back to Canberra on Friday morning, hopefully in time for the Customs run at lunchtime.

4 Responses to “Canberra Times Cool Running Team?”

  1. Blogger allrounder 

    good idea about the fun run but i'll be competing in the ACT Long Distance Orienteering Champs...

    and while i have been successful in getting Jodie to run in the Customs runs, i'd be pushing it to get her to do the CT again (she has done it but a long time ago when it was part of cricket training!)..

  2. Blogger CJ 

    FD, it sounds fine by me though I don't know how i'll pull up after the marathon the week before. But hey, I'm game for anything! Hope Sydney goes well.

  3. Blogger Friar 

    Thanks for posting the reference to The Canberra Times Fun Run.

    I went out to The Canberra Times Office early this morning, not by running but by car, to lodge my form and pay my cash.

    Look for me in the run with Chest Number 1 (Fingers Crossed).

    As far as we are aware, only the evermotivated Rick Hatcher, of Customs Joggers Fame, has completed every Canberra Times Fun Run to date. A couple of others have only missed one event, including Friar who missed the first, but was a spectator at the start of that event.

    Saving today's run for the BBQ Stakes. :-)


  4. Blogger Aki 

    Allycat says she's in. That's four. :)

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