Starry, starry night

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I'm tempted not to post right now, as I am not my usual Pollyanna self, and realise that this shall pass quickly. Slept well, no headache, only the slightest night sweat. Fell back asleep while 'listening to the news'.
Went for a swim in the afternoon, forgetting that it was school holidays, but nevertheless enjoying a moderate 500m with fins, and comically slow 500m free (in the 'fast' lane!). I was aware of my sprained ankle the whole time, although it does not bother me at all whilst running. As I was swimming the final 20m, I realised that I hadn't thought about breathing or the technical aspect of swimming once. It was just happening. Slowly. Very slowly.
Note to self: Must do this more often.
My sinus' are OK so far, which was another good excuse not to swim.
With some juggling, I dropped Bob, his bike and wind trainer to Girls Grammar for a HT (home trainer - spin) session, and then high tailed it around the corner to Parliament House to attend 'Speedy' Geoff Moore's training group at Parliament House. The group had already left the underground car park marshaling point when I arrived. Even though it was dark, questions to a couple of friendly security guards pointed me in the right direction, and I met up with the group on the end of their warm up lap. Recognising people in the dark was difficult, but we made it down to the promenade between old (provisional) parliament house and the 'Big Sprinkler'.
Geoff tested his whistle, and we were directed to run 'on' (hard) for 40 seconds; and 'off' (easy) for 80 secs. This was on a circuit around the flagpoles near lights, ideally to be completed on the grass adjacent to the concrete path.
I quite enjoyed this, although found that any intensity made my gut uncomfortable and I had to ease off to make this a 'harder' effort, rather than just go for it. There is a lovely sense of camaraderie jogging around in the lamp light under the flagpoles on a glorious, clear winter evening. The moon looked like a modernist reclining chair, and there were a billion stars in the sky. Another simple lap of parliament house, and we called it a night.
I'm bitter and twisted though as my gut seems to have flared up again, despite having the world's most boring diet, and being very 'good'. I've continued to have significant problems each day, and need to consider what, if any, action to take. Not an easy decision.
My mood wasn't improved when I went to pick up Bob from Grammar, and sat for 50 minutes in the car getting colder and colder. I changed out of my wet gear, but I still got far too cold.
I've now thawed out, bathed and feeling more like my old self. Bob has stated his interest in joining me in training sessions at Belconnen Pool and at Dickson Oval. I hope so, it's good participating in the same events and sessions even if we are at a different pace.

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  1. Blogger Aki 

    Huh, sounds like Bob's getting jealous of the security guards. :) Good to see you're taking Geoff's sessions well. :)

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