Jogalong and West Basin with Aki

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Night Sweats: slight, early
Headache: no

Once again I woke early, fresh, and with Lucy pressed close to my side. I was surprised to find that I had been lying on a towel, until I remembered that I had put it down sson after going to bed and finding myself sweaty after a short sleep. Unfortunately, I continue to suspect that my lack of real food for the last two days is an important factor in me not having night sweats. I would prefer to eat.
The weather was great when I got the paper, quite mild, with stars peeking through. Unaccustomed to this extra morning time (not needing to strip the bed, do a few loads of washing and bathe and wash my hair before leaving the house), I busied myself in the study. So I was very surprised when I left the house to find it bathed in fog and the temperature decidedly chilly. Farther from home, it had developed into a thick pea souper. It was good to have arranged to meet Aki for a run to ensure that I didn't procrastinate too long.
We arrived at Weston Park for the Cross Country Club's Women's Jogalong. This was to be Aki's first Jogalong, and I knew that she would be good on the course, and coupled with her competitive nature, would enjoy having so many people to chase on the 6km handicap course. On arriving, there were many familiar faces, including many Aki now knew. Some discussion with Geoff on handicap times beforehand resulted in Aki going off my (soft) group 33, 16:00 from the start of the watch. The walkers and slower joggers had left earlier, and as we started, one girl took off like a rabbit. We paced ourselves quite well, passing unruly clusters of toddlers and kids with some accompanying adults along the route as they did their 1km "Mini-Jog".
Once on the bike path, it was easy to keep track of Aki as the foot fall was a comforting thud thud at my heels. We were passing many people, and the turnaround was once again a little far along Dunrossil Drive. I mentioned to Aki thatthe course was long and not to be too concerned about the sub-30 finish. A quick check of my watch at 4km indicated a steady 4:30 pace. I decided not to mention it in case she decided it was too fast. The final kilometre it was once again on a slightly muddy track, and I frequently checked to see that Aki was 'in touch' as I could no longer hear her. With an awesome finishing kick she flung herself at the finish for an exceptional Jogalong debut of 28:39.
After presentations, we changed socks and checked what gear to wear in the dim and cold conditions. E ventually we were off, heading in a clockwise direction to ensure that there was access to water on the second part of the course. I found it bitterly cold to begin with, my teeth chattering and body shivering. When warmed up, we maintained an easy conversational pace of about 6:30 minute k's. Instead of going up 'Hospital Hill' I suggested we add on a bit by going around the National Museum. I love the architecture and views from here and it seemed like a good idea at the time! Not long after Aki faded greatly, and she stubbornly refused my offers of me going ahead to pick up the car, or taking a walk break. All up, a total distance of 18.4km in 2 hours 13 minutes. My heart rate was hopelessly pedestrian - dipping to the high 90's while running, and averaging 122. Somewhat of a difference to the Jogalong run, which averaged 157 and peaked at 166. It was great running with Aki, and I may have misjudged it a bit, but it was fun!
Only when heading home did the sky break up into a clear blue ~ the first time all day. This felt good! The fire had mostly gone out in the 61/2 hours since I had left home. Unenthusiastically I got onto clearing it of a huge pile of ash. I had put off going shopping for too long, so was out of firelighters and had had no success in splitting the dense red logs with an axe. I reluctantly went to the supermarket, not a great idea when it is dark, cold, and I am tired and hungry. I did avoid most comfort foods, however did succumb to a tub of Colombo Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream.
Much to do, the Tour is on, I have only just got the fire going despite many attempts, and I need to bone up on the Gold Coast results.

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  1. Blogger CJ 

    Was very cold and foggy - took me ages to warm up once I got home from my run. Doing 18km after a 6km race - very impressive. :-)

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