New Fiscal Years Eve

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Overnight sweats: high to mega
Headache on waking:slight

Quite a good night, although I hit the snooze on the alarm, and only peeled myself away from the covers because lying on wet towels and pillows was getting (caution:technical jargon ahead) yucky.

It is a grey, drizzling day. Surprisingly, the SMH was delivered by 6:15 on the second day running (we have a very slack local newsagent), although both it and the Canberra Times were wet inside their plastic flasher jackets. Placing them on the metal body of combustion fire is an effective drying tool, but the crisp, crinkling nature is not the same to read.

I did some chores and errands although by the afternoon the pervasive dampness of the "it must be good for the land" rain, was becoming both a drag and restrictive. Aims to check out tiles and paint colours at Fyshwick were shelved and I squelched home to bring in piles of wood out the second load of washing for the day, and do some ironing. With the fire lit, a fine layer of soot?/dust? seems to settle over everything, meaning that there is always a great deal of cleaning in winter. Such an exciting life!

I spent about an hour on the wind trainer. More a matter of turning my legs over than effective training, but something. Plan to do more tonight.

An email confirmed that Dickson Oval was closed again tonight, and I had managed to buy a couple of desk lamps at a great discount for Bob's study. In attempting to set these up, I found one was missing a transformer, and neither came with bulbs. I didn't recognise the mount, so dragged myself out to a specialist lighting store to find some. Eventual success, although at a cost that was 2/3rds of the lamp price. Still a good deal.

Bought some more, and hopefully the final length of speaker cable for some re-wiring that I've been doing, and then lost the plot a bit. Maybe because I was in the place of the devil - a large, anonymous, generic maul - which seems to proliferate food courts and coffee lounges where people spend weeks at a time eating crappy, smelly food at all hours. Maybe I was having an event of low blood sugar concentration (Bob's constant theory) and had been too busy/tired/blah to eat. Maybe I just lost the plot.

Notions of eating something, preferably good, although junk would do, had been plaguing me since midday. I got home, and just couldn't be bothered. Rang Bob and got through to him while he was cycling along (why bother to stop to talk - huff humph - to your wife) from one end of Cat Ba Island to the other. Started to fit the expensive halogen bulbs - however with all combinations of each of the lamps, transformers, bulbs and power points - no dice and no light. Am now repacking the square pegs to fit in the round boxes. I hope that I can find the receipts for it all.

New Fiscal Years' Eve.
I had high hopes to reset totals, do a bit of a personal stock-take, and start the year afresh. I think I'll go to bed instead and have a good night's sleep. Hopefully I'll be bright and able to do it all in the morning.

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  1. Blogger CJ 

    Good luck for this weekend FD, if you plan to do the off-road duathlon - will be very sloshy and muddy I would imagine, so take it easy.

  2. Anonymous 2P 

    Glad to hear your ankly is well on the mend Flash. I managed a doddle around the lake this morning (out from Manuka). Great to meet up with you last Sunday.

    Cheers 2P

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