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A busy day, with a quick trip to the monthly Lake Ginninderra Stakes sandwiched in the middle. I didn't have any expectations, other than looking forward to getting out and running for the first time since Friday. There was fine rain and a fairly stiff breeze. Neither particularly pleasant nor inspiring for a good hit out. My gut was quite tender and sore before the start, and I decided to wear a long sleeve Nike dri fit top (gotta love Nike clothes) and shorts for the run. I only removed a wind-stopper fleece at the last minute.
Leaving off my correct handicap time of 18:00 minutes, I was jogging step for step with another unknown guy, fairly young, tall and with long, long legs. For the first 600m or so, I kept reminding myself that that I wasn't racing him, and to remain comfortable and not burn out over the first kilometre. I would have been quite happy for him to draw away, but he didn't until about the one kilometre mark. This was a bit of a relief. A quick glance of my watch indicated something more than 4:30 and less than 5:00 minutes. With a fine mist of rain over everything I wasn't too sure. My watch beeped at 5:00 minutes and this seemed OK.
My heart rate seemed pretty low for a race, albeit a low key one. My polar gave a reading for average on the screen and this showed 141. No wonder I felt so relaxed. Over the next few kilometres, the long legged bloke increased his lead to fifteen metres or so, but I could see the runners who left on 16:00, 17:00 and 17:30 handicaps, and was gradually able to reel them in without undue effort. A glance of my watch on the bridge at the 3km mark indicated a far too fast 13:30. I was surprised to be averaging 4:30 pace, it didn't feel it, and I was taking it relatively easy. After a couple of bad days, I wasn't going to flog myself, but wanted to run well.
Around the 4km mark, my gut decided to complain loudly and violently. I considered backtracking to the toilets (while running further away from them), diverting via the next lot near the bridge, or just getting back to the finish as quickly as reasonable. Passing a bloke or two on the section of the peninsula away from everything I just kept running. 5km was a ridiculous 22:40ish (through the drizzle). I started calculating that if I were to do 5 minute k's for the finish that would be 32:40. Or a bit faster might get me down close to 32. Unlikely, but very attractive.
Holding on, I was delighted to see Isabelle out there, running with her baby far out in front still in the womb. She looked 9 months pregnant last month, so to see her today was incredible. A couple of guns passed me, and I caught up with the 'evergreen' Friar and saw the long legged guy getting much closer. We ran together briefly once more, then I saw the finish corner and moved off. Fifth overall, and third eligible in a surprising 31:33, a course PB by about 25 seconds. No time to linger, I dashed off to attend to my gut, shower and change. Whatever I'm doing, I must be doing something right!

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  1. Blogger Aki 


  2. Blogger CJ 

    Hey great run FD! Can you please let me in on your secret - I've hit a plateau and while I'm not getting stressed about times, it would be nice to be improving again! Not today though - its bed for me.

  3. Blogger Friar 

    Could be having a bit of a rest occasionally, freshens you up.

    Isabelle said it was 6 weeks to the big day, so next Lake Ginninderra Handicap, and then the birth.


    I remember Elaine Cooper and Linda Richardson running until almost the birth date.


  4. Blogger allrounder 

    wow, you are definitely on a roll!

  5. Blogger miners 

    wow - a PB despite the belly playing up? Just think what you'll do next time!

  6. Blogger Jen_runs 

    Congrats FD on a great run despite the dodgy tummy and on a huge PB. Well done!! Can I have your secret too ?? J

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