A little bit crook

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I enjoyed myself at a Trivia Night on Friday night and looked forward to a long run on the weekend, preferably Saturday morning. Good weather was forecast and I even recorded my intake of FortiJuice to semi-carbo load in preparation.
When I awoke on Saturday, I didn't feel too bad, however a very cold night and a thick, thick fog put off any thought of an immediate departure. As the fog on the horizon cleared, one developed in my head which made seeing, thinking and remaining vertical too much of a challenge. Damn. Retreated to bed and fell into a fitful sleep. Gut pains were increasingly a feature as well.
Result: No run on Saturday
Sunday, a headache to end all headaches. Slept once again in the afternoon, and was generally grumpy and in ill humour. Every noise seemed sharp and discordant. No run Sunday.
Monday - felt better as the day wore on (more or less). Belly extremely bloated and distended, but that's nothing new for me, headache definitely better, although still overcome by waves of debilitating fatigue. I sent Bob off to Geoff's Group tonight (he'll be late, as usual), which I hope he enjoys. We have a long consultation with my GP tomorrow morning to discuss surgical and other options for me which have fairly significant ramifications. Looking at my planned activities though I can't see that it is an immediate option. There are events that I am keen to do from now through to Christmas, and then I need to be able to train for the Six Foot Track! As much as anything, I don't feel bright or compos enough to discuss and weigh all the options adequately at the moment.
A very busy day planned after that, including a trot around the Lake Ginninderra Monthly Handicap course and then dashing off for a 2:00pm appointment in town. Friends book launch in the evening. I feel more confident about getting out there and running tomorrow, and don't have any fears of not being 'up to' doing the Bush Capital 25k on Saturday.
I should remind myself of what is written in the profile in the top of the sidebar:
. . . am slowly learning to read my body better and adjust my training and expectations accordingly.

7 Responses to “A little bit crook”

  1. Blogger CJ 

    Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Fingers crossed you're feeling good this Saturday for the 25km Bush Capital run. I'm looking forward to it and it would be great to see you there. Take care.
    ps Did catch a glimpse of Bob tonight but didn't see him running - obviously going much faster than moi!

  2. Blogger Sarah 

    Thinking about you, hope all goes well.

  3. Blogger Aki 

    hope you go well tomorrow, wish I could be there.

  4. Blogger speedygeoff 

    You know what they say about waking up grumpy - it's best to leave him sleeping!
    Bob told me he enjoyed the session. Thanks for sending him down!

  5. Blogger Friar 

    Thought you must be having problems when you didn't appear on Saturday, or add a new post to your blog site.

    I'm sure all have their fingers crossed, and would like to see you back in the action, when you are able. :-))

  6. Blogger miners 

    Hope things sort themselves out for you - particularly for the weekend. Grumpy sundays are never fun are they?

  7. Blogger allrounder 

    i hope things sort themselves out for you...must be a pain not being able to do what you want when you want...here's hoping today's a better day for you..

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