How to count to two and a half

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I hadn't allowed myself enough time to change and warm up (internally) from riding over the course before Bob and I went together to Geoff's AIS training session. Feeling rather drained by the time we arrived, and sat in the car composing myself. As the others in the group were on their group warm up around the campus, we did a couple of laps on the track. Gosh, it's a lovely track! Despite putting on a 2nd windstopper fleece, I was cold though. So cold that I was just waiting to catch up with Bob (an inconvenient 200m ahead) to suggest that I jog the 3km home and jump into a hot bath. I was just too cold to hang around.
We regrouped and I was absolutely delighted to see my favourite running buddy was here. I hadn't seen Peter since the Gold Coast Half, and really missed him. I had bored everyone to death with questions like "have you seen Peter?" and "is he OK?" for the last month. We jogged around the track together, and he said near the end of our first (or was it the second?) lap how easy it was to run together. I hadn't even noticed that we were running, our pace is so similar, step for step. After a few more laps, we were to do a one kilometre time trial. Great! Two and a half laps! Only I was brain dead (blame it on the cold) and couldn't count correctly. I did a 600m time trial. All together now, One, Two, Two and a half.
A few more laps, then four sets of 200m. I'm slow, very slow, but perhaps was beginning to warm up by now felt better during the final ones and could have kept going. Peter has also entered the 25km option on Saturday, so I bashed his ears about the route I had just ridden (feeling virtuous), but am so delighted that he will be there on Saturday morning. I expect that we shall run a large portion of it together, perfect as my planned training run for the Sydney marathon. The website advises only 44 days to go.
An easy customs today, social as much as anything else. The weather continues to be spectacular, and I have no doubt that it will be stunning for the Bush Capital runs tomorrow.

3 Responses to “How to count to two and a half”

  1. Blogger CJ 

    Don't worry FD, I had problems with the 1500m time trial the week before - ended up doing an 800m and 1500m time trial! Didn't make it to track last night - still not 100%

  2. Blogger allrounder 

    perhaps you need your own personal lap counter as per the Sri Chinmoy half?!...that's how i feel when i'm swimming!

    have a good run at Customs...

  3. Blogger Aki 

    Heh Heh Heh. Gee, you must have thought you improved heaps! Wish I was there to see it!

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