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Another great day, another great run!

Arranged to meet Perfect Running Buddy (or Buddie) at Deek's Drive at 10:30 this morning for a run around the Stromlo five-o'clock-shadow. I attempted to get an express post bag (and a spare) from the post office first, I can never remember what 'Post Shops' are open on Saturdays and which are not. I'm sure that that battery in the well used s625x is about to expire after a year . . . the display is going off once in a while (think:that could well be sub-zero temperatures though). I thought I'd send it off to Pursuit Performance in Adelaide to make sure I had it back in time for the City 2 Surf. Their service is so good, that it is always worthwhile.

I did drop off a couple of drink bottles at the end of Pipe Flat, where it joins Coppins Crossing Rd. Stromlo was always such a good place to run:- plenty of thickly forested tree cover (now denuded by the 2003 fires); and good access to toilet facilities and water (now vandalised and long since closed). As expected, the Perfect Running Buddy (PRB) was there waiting for me. Neither of us like to be late. We headed off northwards, more or less following our noses, across Cloe's Crossing and then following the river under Tuggeranong Parkway to the edge of the Zoo.

A couple of leopards followed us along their run as we ground up the hill. Distance, what distance? Time passed so quickly and easily that I felt that we could run forever

Back onto the 'Central Six', a term dating back to the early running days of Canberra when courses were measured in miles. Pointing out the historic plantation of Himalayan Pines (planted in 1928 and zealously retained), we made an excursion into the glade of Cork Oaks. I always find this magical ~ the small, oval leaves littering the ground under a thick canopy. We followed a loop track around, both remarking what a great location it was for a picnic in summer. Roll on Daylight Saving!

'Gun Barrel', a "straight-as-a" red soil track leading skywards on the fenceline between paddocks and the forest. Not sure where to head, we followed it down further along and over a fence to run the 'prickle trail', so named because in summer it is usually thick with over-sized Scottish Thistles. Back over another fence to Stromlo proper and a return to the start over the old 'low crossing'. Slowing now for the first time, we followed the old Jogalong track back to the start. I had belatedly found out that Peter had already run 6km (edit: 16km!) this morning with others on Wanniassa Hill! His speed slowed considerably, which wasn't surprising. We finished there, and waving to Bob and other Bilby's as they cycled past on their way back from a hill climb and long ride.

We headed up to the cafe at Mt Stromlo for a restorative coffee, a great view, and an analysis of the mornings journey. I love running with Peter! Hopefully there will be opportunities for many more in the near future.

Sadly, I saw two dead wombats on the short drive home. One gets used to kangaroos on the verges of the National Capital during this extended drought, but not wombats. Tomorrow - a run with the Bilby's at Mt Ainslie.

4 Responses to “River Run”

  1. Blogger Wobbly man 

    I hope your Polar gets back in time! Looking forward to saying g'day in person at the C2S finish (that is if you haven't left by the time I finish)!

  2. Blogger Run Buddie 

    Thanks for the Identity P_R_B and Run Buddie. I think you exaggerate a little although likewise is true.
    Looking forward to another tour of the bush tracks around Canberra when you can find the time to spare. (My morning run was over Isaacs Ridge and Mt Wanniassa aproximately 15.8 km).Have a great run at Mt Ainslie

  3. Blogger Friar 

    Your run descriptions make me want to get out there and run the same areas as you describe so accurately.

    Goorooyarro in the afternoon was a great run also, with good participation in the point score events for the ACTCCC.


  4. Blogger allrounder 

    reading about your runs and rides always makes me tired...the areas you run in are very inspiring to the eye though...

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