Warm Up, Iced Up, Round and Around

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Both Bob and I were tied up for most of the day with paperwork and organising things, however I knew that Team Moore training was on at the AIS athletics track tonight. With a quick search of the Asian supermarkets on the north-side for some packets of broth mix (I know it's just salt and MSG, but I need something hot and flavoured at this time of year), and a trip to the Health Food store at the markets for (yet another) kilo of nuts and tin of Endura for Bob I realised that I could jog over to the AIS campus for an early warm-up with Geoff and Trevor.

It was rather rushed, but as Bob was out searching for new bike tyres and buying food, I gathered a few things together in a backpack I use for cycling, and left another near the door for Bob to throw in the car. With about 35 minutes up my sleeve, I decided to avoid the (admittedly good) bike paths, and take the hillier option over trails through Aranda bushland, Black Mountain and over Bruce Ridge. The pack was good to run with, with only some lightweight, warm tops, gels and wallet in there. While I found myself going quite slowly, I found that I settled into a steady jog, and thought that I should do this more often. Crossing into Black Mountain, the trails are disturbed by the construction of the Gungahlin Drive Extension. A little cross country running led me to the track I wanted, and then out to cross Belconnen Way. Nearing peak hour, this took some time as I sought to be totally safe.

More roadworks on the other side required some more "orienteering", with the added excitement of the inch of overnight rain ensuring that the gullies were now small creeks. A bit soggier, and having climbed through and over numerous fences, I found my way to the top entrance of the track and enjoyed a quickish roll down the hill to the front. Geoff arrived at this time, and soon after Trevor appeared from the change rooms looking like a fit, navy blue Santa Claus, with tights, a big jacket, and even bigger, peaked hat. With no one else in sight, we were off, looping around the AIS and then back along the path next to Ginninderra Drive. Not only did I feel that I was slowing these guys down too much (each with a 400m PB of 52s), but it was getting very, very cold. Thick snow clouds seemed to encircle us, and the stiff headwind was unpleasant. Eventually, large heavy drops began to fall, the wind swirled and the oval of Canberra University didn't seem so welcoming. All vanity is lost, and still with sunglasses on my head, I pulled on a seriously unattractive (but oh, so practicle) skullcap from my tights and put it on.

The boys sought some cover, while I had got way too cold and kept going to reach the end. On this flatter section it was easier to pick up the pace and get back to the track as quickly as possible. The worst of the clouds began to clear, but I was so cold. When Bob arrived I sought refuge in the car and decided to practice what I preached and had two gels to raise my blood sugar levels. Aki turned up, as did quite a big crowd given the inauspicious conditions earlier. Surprisingly, I saw Friar walk in, and found out that he was there for further training on the timing equipment. We ought to stop meeting like this, Monday has been the only day I haven't seen him for an extended period!

I was still concerned that CJ didn't show, and am worried that she may be crook or injured. Bob no doubt thinks that I talk too much at these sessions, however with Peter and I once again going step for step, the time passes quickly. Bob was disappointed with my 800m time (around 3:21?), but after a fairly heavy training week, and on top of a 12km+ warm up, in now clear and freezing conditions, I didn't care. I did care that Peter stayed with me though when he was obviously holding himself back greatly. Such a gentleman!

A semi-good session~ without the track group, I wouldn't do an 800m on my own, however I do miss the structure of the Dickson sessions where we did ladders and relay intervals. Without the significant warm up I would have been disappointed with this. Over 18km for the day though, not quality, but I am enjoying the time on my feet (when it's not too cold).

Another good thing about these sessions (the company is paramount) is the early finish. The biggest turn off for swim squads is getting home after 9pm, cold, wet and hungry. It seems to throw everything out of whack. Getting home in time to see the end of the news and the 7:30 Report, or better still, the the Ashes on SBS. Went to bed listening to the ABC commentary, thankfully hearing that Vaughn caught. Pietersen continued his good form though, forging a strong partnership.

2 Responses to “Warm Up, Iced Up, Round and Around”

  1. Blogger miners 

    Certainly does sound like a good run - especially considering the preparation. Can't wait for it warm up down there though - probably for my sake more than yours ;) Makes me chilly reading yours, Aki's and CJ's posts

  2. Blogger CJ 

    I'm resigned to reading about everyone else's running at the moment - very frustrating but I'm trying not to get too upset about it...yet. Hopefully I'll know more after Monday when I go to the physio. Fingers crossed its something minor. I think a coffee sometime soon might be on the cards though, hey!

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