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Better this morning, although not perfect. Decided to attack the old/fat/winter/summer clothes on the top of wardrobe this morning to dig out some old clothes for the start of the City to Surf and do a bit of reorganisation. We love living where we do, even if there is no storage or prospect of storage, and no room for anything!

Found a few things I'd forgotten about, and was pleased with the amount of exercise climbing up, and down, and up, and down . . . well, you get the picture.

Went to the dietitian, feeling somewhat guilty about my failure to keep and email the diet, fluid and exercise diet as arranged. Despite my concerted attempts, I just couldn't get anywhere near a day completed. Even without this it was valuable, and we decided that the Osmolite was not worth pursuing. I still have a box and a half left. She is going to get samples of some other things that are 'complete' ~ designed for tube feeding again. Although I felt that the Nutridrink was better tolerated, driving home I realised that maybe the cumulative effects of the two may mean that it is much of a muchness. Before the City to Surf I will stick to FortiJuice though ~ my dietitian is doing the C2S also which it a good sign.

The day then became increasingly frustrating, with me wasting way too much time at one of the world's most abominable shopping malls, filled with public servants on their payday. Ended up at a neighbouring supermarket for a few things, with the same sort of crowds. My head was worsening by the minute, and I was not feeling good at all. I still planned to go to Geoff's group tonight but was feeling less optimistic. I picked Bob up the office at five with his running gear in the car, but he drove me home first and I piked out in the cold weather. It was a wise decision. While I was preparing vegetables for a stir fry for Bob I checked my medication and found that I had not taken it either this morning or yesterday. This would certainly account for most of my malaise today. I must try to get Bob to check when I am crook that I take it in the morning. I hadn't missed a dose since Mooloolaba last year ~ that is before I improved and was able to do my firsative jog at Anzac Day 2004.

I should be right for Customs tomorrow. Bob, in his role of coach, suggested that I do '4 or 5' spells of around 200m hard tomorrow. I appreciate his advice, although rarely take it verbatim. However on this occasion it sounds pretty good. I'll treat the 5k course like a fartlek with surges every kilometre.

James Morrison gig tomorrow night (if I can find the tickets), and then to Sydney earlyish.

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  1. Blogger Luckylegs 

    I hope you're in good shape for Sunday, FD! Might even see you somewhere, who knows? Enjoy the James Morrison gig....a great musician.

  2. Blogger Bennyr 

    I too hope you are right for Sunday, FD. I intend to lurk at the Coolrunners meeting point and I'd love to meet you after all of the encouragement (and inspiration) you've given me!

  3. Blogger CJ 

    Missed you last night at the track FD. Hope you're okay and hope to see you sometime on Sunday. I'll have my flash phone! You'll have yours?! :)

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