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Monday, 22 August
I deferred to Bob's advice this morning and took a 'rest day'. Still no ill effects from the mountain run, however I had a mega night sweat ++, and my lingering head cold was 'refreshed' - no doubt aided by laying in wet bedclothes in a Canberra winter. I decided to get some cultural value from the day, and spent a few hours at the National Gallery of Australia (NGA) to check out the exhibition of the National Sculpture Prize. Some of the pieces were absolutely magnificent; inspired and inspiring ~ the curator had displayed them thoughtfully and with an easy progression. Whilst some were OK, pleasant, or left me cold; others made me break into broad spontaneous smiles (so I would have looked like a not-very-smart duck).

There were more traditional, static works (the Manta Ray); one utilising moving 'flower' heads; video installations; and some marvellous organic constructions - one of star fish and another made of paper to mimic sea sponges. The winning exhibit Glen Clarke's, American crater near Hanoi #2 was a remarkable piece and deserving recipient: He states:
"The correct distance between objects is critical, whether that distance is physical, cultural or emotional. Two objects too close to each other become one, Two objects too far apart no longer relate to each other."

I also caught the Bill Viola video installation, The Passions which was a mature and thoughtful group of work which demanded more time than I had to spend. No doubt the leaps of technology have enabled works like this to be more accessible to many. Displayed as a diptych like a pair of photo frames, the plasma screens draw attention to the grossly decelerated subjects in a familiar and comfortable setting. My visit was quick, but I was pleasantly surprised.
Tuesday, 23 August
The night sweats are getting much, much worse - and with the three changes of bedclothes and sodden towels, my cold gained a hook making breathing difficult and that persistent fatigue of having had little uninterrupted sleep. Even though the sun shone through the glass wall upstairs in the living room, I retreated to the bed in my study for snatches of sleep throughout the day. No run.
Wednesday, 24 August
Incredibly, last night's sweats were even worse that that before. My cold had improved somewhat, although breathing was compromised by plugs of phlegm in my trachea. Hot drinks in an attempt to 'melt it down', and barking like a dog made me feel as though I was at least doing something. With the third load of washing on, I got on a cleaning binge and almost left it too late to get to the BBQ Stakes. Arrived in time though, on a glorious blue sky day. I took it v.e.r.y. easy, slower than 5 minute pace, merely seeking to clear out my lungs, and, above all, stay well and uninjured for the marathon. Chatted to CJ briefly - she is an experienced marathoner (and ironman!), but is having the taper week jitters and self doubts. A good day, and I feel stronger and my cold has improved. Hopefully a dry(or drier) night is ahead.

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  1. Blogger CJ 

    Have just made up my mind - put me down to do the CT fun run - even if I have to hobble, how could I pass up the opportunity of being part of a great CR team! Will get in touch with Strewth but I'm sure she'll be in it too!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous 

    Your site is very good!


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