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"Two steps forward, one step back.
One step sidewards, two steps back "

An early appointment at the hospital took all morning due to a staff crisis with the dreaded lurgy that is sweeping the eastern states. This only permitted me to race home and get changed for the lunchtime run at Lake Ginninderra, the monthly 7k handicap. SpeedyGeoff decided to run with me this week, as he was still recovering from the effects of a solid Half Marathon on Sunday. Bad move, Geoffrey! Despite my best efforts and good preparation, my gut continued to plague me throughout the event, requiring three formal toilet stops (one of the advantages of Lake Ginninderra is the ample provision of toilets, water and seats), and the need to slow to a walk on other occasions. I don't know exactly what time we finished up with, however we were certainly last!

I left immediately and went home and climbed into bed after a shower. Somehow I slept for the remainder of the day (again). Still not recovered from whatever it is that ails me.

Wednesday was more of the same, although I barely escaped to the upright position before the BBQ Stakes was due to be run, and given the gale force winds and early rain, this probably wasn't such a bad thing. More sleep in the afternoon (how much can a person sleep?), and a pervading sense of tiredness when I was briefly vertical. I expect that I shall be better tomorrow - although I need to balance recovery and not overdoing it, with not deconditioning too much further before the marathon. Only 9 days to go.

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  1. Blogger allrounder 

    i hope you are feeling better today FD...

  2. Blogger strewth 

    So enjoyed our coffee today FD - thank you - and what a lovely chat. Great to have signed up for the CT but I forgot all about the entry fee so make sure we meet up beforehand so I can reimburse you! Stay healthy and have a great week - not long til Sydney. Enjoy!

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