More tapering, more sleep

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Made the BBQ Stakes today: Bob cycled over and I drove, doing some errands en route. My plans for a southside ramble afterwards were kyboshed when Bob arranged to collect his Great Nephew (Sam) from school and needed the car to head off by 2:30pm.

Probably a good move though, as during a short warm-up I was not feeling over wonderful or fast. Looked for Boy Harlow, although he was on a looong warm-up and was nowhere to be seen. I couldn't decide how to approach the run; I felt in good form in most senses, although I feared that the gut wasn't going to be too appreciative of great intensity. Without Bob around to ask advice from, I decided to forego my 12:30 handicap, thinking that I would be tempted to push too hard, and, on a whim, decided to leave with Josephine, a handicap of 7:45. This was good to begin with, and gave me a chance to notice that even with her long legs (sigh), she was overstriding far too much. On cresting the hill however, my legs were itching to move faster, and I moved off from Josephine with some guilt. I didn't push too much, but caught up with many of the front markers.

The run felt good, and I ended up at a fairly even 5 minute pace, 3rd across the line in 30:25ish (a slow first km). Jude turned up to say Hi, having had a great result in Trailwalker, 10th Team and under 16 hours. With so much catching up to do, I only had time to head home, hang out the washing and make Bob's lunch (homemade bread rolls with grilled tofu, zucchini and eggplant, tapenade, tomato, mesclan) before he whizzed in, showered, grabbed his lunch and headed off (a tad late).

In preparation for Sunday, I tried pinning two Gu's on my shorts to see if they affected my running. On the side, near the hip it seemed fine. I had wanted to try to consume one on the trot, so had left my gear on to go for a run from home. However, after trying to push Bob out the door in time, I was tired and had a couple of FortiJuice instead. Took out my contact lenses and lay down - sleeping for about three and a half hours! If this is how I feel after a gentle 6km jog, what will I be like after the marathon - if I stay awake that long! Some of the Cool Running Gals are also getting together on Sunday afternoon; as much as I'm looking forward to it, I don't know how I'll go. Anyone interested in a coffee at the Lindt cafe on Monday?

7 Responses to “More tapering, more sleep”

  1. Blogger Dave 

    Not long to go now!

    All that rest will be handy come Sunday.

    I have pinned my gu's on my waist, it works well. If you pin them properly you can tear the top off without fumbling with the safety pin.

    See you on Sunday.

  2. Blogger Jen_runs 

    Oh I'm always up for a coffee at the Lindt cafe on Monday - do you know that they use real chocolate shavings on their cappuccinos ?


  3. Blogger miners 

    damn - lindt cafe chocolates. Us country bumpkins miss out on everything!

    Keep resting up Carolyne - you'll be fine and don't stress about feeling tired now - it's just nerves and you need as much rest as you can get at the moment.

  4. Blogger Horrie 

    I'm glad to see you're resting up before the big day. I'm sure you will be primed and ready to beat George W on Sunday. Looking forward to seeing you again.

  5. Blogger CJ 

    I'm determined to get to Lindt Cafe one way or another! I refuse to leave Sydney without having been there! Actually there is also a place in Canberra that uses real chocolate on their cappuccinos - da Cellini cafe in Braddon.

  6. Blogger Ewen 

    Flash, you can sleep for 18 hours after a PB on Sunday. Do very little between now and then (not even a jog at the Customs) and you'll be fine.

  7. Blogger Gronk 

    All the best for Sunday FD. You'll run strong - you always do. See you afterwards. Gronk :)

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