Gently does it.

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So far, so good.

No significant night sweat last night, so consequently I was much more alert early on today. I made it to the monthly Mt Ainslie Run Up at lunchtime, and was able to do a small warm-up, and cool-down on the slopes. It seemed as though there must have been a record turn up today, it is becoming incrediably popular. I was advised not to run this today (again) by Bob, so close to the marathon and given my recent poor health, but what the heck. I am better at judging 'easy' or 'easier' these days, and I was pleased to go at more effort than a jog, but not bust a gut. And, guess what? It worked!

I ran easily (although you can't help but breathe hard when climbing 240m in 2,200m) within myself, passing a few people who were slowing to a walk near the summit, but not driven or going too hard. Despite this, I still managed to pull out a small, but happy, PB. I did do this run on the Tuesday prior to my marathon debut in Canberra in April and I seemed to survive!

Mt Ainslie run-up
# Date Description Result Rate

1. 06/09/2005 Mt Ainslie, ACT (2.2k) 17:14 7:54
2. 02/08/2005 Mt Ainslie, ACT (2.2k) 17:30 7:57
3. 05/07/2005 Mt Ainslie, ACT (2.2k) 18:21 8:20
4. 07/06/2005 Mt Ainslie, ACT (2.2k) 17:35 7:59
5. 03/05/2005 Mt Ainslie, ACT (2.2k) 18:00 8:10
6. 05/04/2005 Mt Ainslie, ACT (2.2k) 18:44 8:30
7. 01/03/2005 Mt Ainslie, ACT (2.2k) 19:54 9:02

Small, but incremental improvements over the month inspire further confidence in me for Sunday. Now, to balance keeping well and uninjured, pick us my fitness, and not overdo it!

On my warm down around the slopes of Mt Ainslie, I was overcome by the bounty of wattle in bloom ~ absolutely stunning! A stunning day in Canberra.

5 Responses to “Gently does it.”

  1. Blogger Jen_runs 

    What a fantastic run under difficult circumstances Ducky; congratulations on yet another PB. I'll really glad to see that you are feeling better. See you on Sunday, J.

  2. Blogger Tesso 

    Congrats on the PB FD!

    Gee, looking at how much you've improved since the April Run Up I reckon there's another PB on the cards on Sunday.

    Time now to really enjoy the taper :-)

  3. Blogger Friar 

    Congratulations on your PB.

    Now for another big effort on Sunday.

    Don't forget to enjoy the stunning scenery, over the bridge and near Centennial Park.

  4. Blogger strewth 

    Well done FD and the very best of luck for Sunday. Can't wait to hear all about it - wish I could be there to cheer you all on but I'll expect at least a text message from cj to let me know how it all went and I'll certainly be thinking of you all. Go chicky babe!

  5. Blogger Robert Song 

    Glad to hear you are well on the way to recovery. Best of Luck for the rest of the week and Sunday.

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