Down, not out.

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Not the Post Marathon Blahs

I don't feel over enthused to post much now ~ my previous missal had been written off-line and I just copied it verbatim. I had a wonderful weekend, and the most hectic social whirl in recent memory. If somewhat disappointed with my Marathon Time, I was quite pleased with my run. On reviewing the CR Messageboards, it seems like I am not alone in these sentiments.

After meeting up with my dearest friend Fiona from school for breakfast at Milson's Point, Bob and travelled across town for my surgeon's appointment. Despite being concerned about being late, we had a long, tension filled wait. To summarise, he didn't think that there were any further surgical options for me as it was related to the nerve function. Although at this stage I have booked in for further tests in a month's time, I am disinclined to go through with the further build-up of hope and disappointment.

The carrot of being able to eat and run was so seductive. And, boy am I enjoying eating these last few days! Most of the plans of Bob and I for travel and so on have been on the basis of "when my problem gets fixed up", so the negative response doesn't help me to plan further ahead.
Anyway, time to move on, and get back into the running, enjoy the FortiJuice and get positive. Physically I have pulled up perfectly; a large, fluid filled blister on my littlest left toe has now burst and is fine. I am a tad tender on the top of my right foot, but that's scraping for problems. Time and arrangements conspired against me running since, although CJ and I walked across the bridge on Sunday afternoon, and I walked about 12kms on Monday. No soreness, no stiffness, no problem with stairs.

4 Responses to “Down, not out.”

  1. Blogger Cirque 

    I'm so sorry you didn't get the news you'd hoped for Carolyne. Thinking of you!

  2. Blogger Tesso 

    I second what Cirque said. How about we do all the hoping for you before the next appointment.

    Good to hear you have recovered so well from the marathon. Wonder how long we can keep up this guilt free eating though :-)

  3. Blogger CJ 

    Sorry to hear the news Carolyne.

    I didn't really suffer from post marathon soreness and stiffness like I usually do. Maybe that walk helped? That Chocoholic cocktail I was talking about - I had one and it was bloody good! ;) Shame I missed Lindt Cafe though :(

  4. Blogger Wobbly man 

    Sounds like you are ready for the next running adventure Flash - whats your next target?

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