A Big Thanks to Aki!

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I had been uncommonly down over the last few days, reactive depression no doubt to the doctors appointment, but an all pervasive lethargy of "why bother" rather than anything else. Thursday had been particularly bad, however the prospect of meeting Aki for a coffee on Friday was set me in higher spirits. I had forgotten, but the local rag, The Canberra Times and the local ABC news was doing a Team Photo shoot of the 30-odd local athletes going to compete in the Duathlon World Championships in a weeks' time.

Bob insisted that we head off on the run early, as we were due at Acton Ferry Terminal at 1:00pm. I felt surprisingly good, and looked forward to a good run with allrounder who had been hit by the handicapper to start just 15 seconds (one group) in front of me. I had been increasingly aware of pain and swelling on the arch of my right foot, and research on the internet seemed to indicate that this was most likely due to plantar fasciitis. I decided to wear lightweight (non-supportive) Nike racing flats, with elastic laces, and once running found that my foot was more comfortable than it had been for days. I realised that the pain was exacerbated my my low mood, however relieving the pressure with the tri laces was very effective.

I headed off with Adrienne again, delighted to see her this week. We ran much easier today than last week, talking constantly, and although our times were similar (around 24 minutes) it was a good run. No sign of Aki, so a quick word to Friar, and Rad, Simon, Bob and I headed over to the Ferry Terminal. Quite a contingent was milling around, in a variety of uniforms. It was a bit of a circus, with the sight of 20 cyclists riding along the bike path 3 abreast for the camera's and then a group photo.
Bob is front and centre in the Yellow helmet, next to our talented young runner and duathlete, Michelle (Shell) Wu. The wonderful M75, Rad Leovic is on the far right of the front row.

After this, Bob piled both our bikes into the car and drove home to change, eat lunch and get back into Civic for a haircut. Aki and I went to our favourite post-run coffee spot, The Deck at Regatta Point. The wind was strong, so I grabbed a pair of track pants from the car, but looked extremely daggy! Luckily, they know as there by now, and told us exactly what we were ordering as we sat down (Strawberry Soy Milk Shake and a short black). Cute.

We talked more, reviewed Canberra Times Fun Run maps and information, commiserated about ITB's and other injuries and planned our next assaults. Fitzroy Falls would be good - Aki has yet to experience the country charm of a community event. My spirits were by now fully restored to normal, and I couldn't give the doc's miserable news another thought. We eventually found where Bob had left the car, drove home and planned Aki's 5km fun walk on Sunday, and all was good with the world.

4 Responses to “A Big Thanks to Aki!”

  1. Blogger CJ 

    Saw the photo in the paper today. How's the bike training going?! Hope your foot is feeling better - I experienced plantar fasciitis when I first started running. Also hoping that the weather will improve for tomorrow - its quite bleak and bitterly cold at the moment.

  2. Blogger Aki 

    Lol, thanks Flash. :) I am looking forward to doing something tomorrow, and hopefully the day will be kind. Good luck with the foot, remember the water bottle with ice in it, and I'll cheer you on as you whirl past tomorrow! Go Flash. :)

  3. Blogger Ewen 

    I saw that photo! Looks much better in colour. I noticed Bob picked a prime possie down the front. That was a good run today too. Best of luck to you both for the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS!

  4. Blogger Gronk 

    Nice pic FD. Bets of luck with next week and I hope the foot settles down. Gronk :)

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