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Thursday, 22 September

I had forgotten this: so will insert at the beginning!  In the Duathlon Liftout in the Newcastle Herald on Thursday is a large photo of the selection race in April on the course.  Large, ugly and looking very determined on a bad hair day is one Flash Cool Runner on the final run leg!

Kilometres Run ~ 0.9kms
Kilometres Cycled ~ 17kms
Kilometres Walked ~ 12kms
Time spent not standing ~ 35minutes
FortiJuice Consumed = 3
Powerbars Consumed = 1

I was a little bit selfish to begin with.  Really I was.  (Well sort of).

Joined the designated ‘Group Ride’ at 9:30am over the Age Group cycle course this morning, and kept ‘an eye’ on Rad and another age grouper at the back of the pack who was not a confident rider and did not know the route.  This was quite fun, and I was delighted to see how I could still ride a bike.  Watch out Aki, you too will be hooked soon!

At the first change to the course from April, which took out a dangerous sharp right hand turn on to a heavily cambered road, there was a little consternation and somehow we lost Rad and Sue at this point.  The second change added another hill, and I can see that this narrow section of road may be dangerous with two way traffic coming down again after a U-turn at the top.  All good fun, just need to stay uninjured, finish, and who cares if I come stone cold last.

Rad had not taken his room key, so Bob, Rad, Sue, and I rode back to the hotel.  My helmet was fitting very poorly though – even though an x-small it had flung back on my neck like a bonnet.  I would not be able to check in or race with it like this!  I had a lot of difficulty getting one small enough to fit, so this was a concern.  I suspected that having worn it over a skullcap in the Canberra winter didn’t help the fit, and Bob implored me to get to the bike shop to get it fixed (if possible).  They were flat chat, however I found that they also sold Limar helmets and spent a lot of time there methodically checking the ‘how to adjust the staps’ on their instruction manual and comparing with a display helmet.  By Jove, I Think She’s Got It!

And here endeth the lesson of selfish Carolyne for Thursday.  The rest of the day was just a variation on the theme established yesterday.  Setting up spreadsheets, fighting small uniform fires, automating some functions currently being ‘managed’ with a thousand slips of paper and so on.  I felt useful.  I like to feel useful!  Time flew, Rad and I walked to the gathering point for The Parade of Nations, me taking him on a slightly long route poor fellow!  I really enjoyed the chance to stretch my legs though!  After a very protracted Team Photo Shoot, the parade began, minor local politicians spoke, and the Championships were declared open.  I walked back to the hotel, while others went to get something to eat.  Bliss!

More help required that night just as I was crawling in to bed, Bob knocked on the door again and I did what I could to help.  Somehow I still managed to forget to eat and drink enough – the hydration is far more significant, so I must do better, starting now.  Tomorrow, find a laundry to wash my race gear for tomorrow – the Assistant Team Manager borrowed it to wear yesterday as all her stuff was dirty.  I’m a bit tired, but getting excited!  (Food possible as early as Saturday afternoon!)

2 Responses to “WDC -2 days”

  1. Blogger Jen_runs 

    Missy, good luck on Saturday - race well - but make sure you get lots of drink tomorrow. Don't dehydrate!!!!

    Much fun on Saturday - I'll be sending you and Bob good thoughts,


  2. Blogger Aki 

    Sounds like an interesting day, don't know about getting hooked on cycling though... we'll see. ;)

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